How to create iTunes backup and remove iTunes duplicate songs


How to create iTunes backup and remove iTunes duplicate songs. Backups? Yes, you do need backups. Think twice about not making them.
We know that backing up iTunes files is inconvenient. It eats up the capacity of all your external hard drives. Still, you’ve do it. Because Apple will not replace your music at the iTunes store if you lose it. And, fortunately, it’s very simple to do. Follow these steps:


Steps to create iTunes backup and remove iTunes duplicate songs

Step 1: Consolidate iTunes Media Files into a Single Folder

Copy them and paste all iTunes Media Files to a single folder. Leave the originals. This is what consolidation is all about. Here’s how you can consolidate:

  1. Open iTunes app
  2. Press Alt, click Edit, and select Preferences.
  3. Now you have General Preferences
  4. Click Advanced tab. Check “Copy files to iTunes media folder when adding to Library.”
  5. Click Ok.
  6. Click File | Library | Organize Library.

Check “Consolidate files” in Organize Library and click Ok

Step 2: Don’t Find iTunes Media Folder?

It happens sometimes when the original file location was changed. You need to use the Preferences dialog. Here’s how:

  1. Open iTunes Preferences dialog (refer to steps#1-4).
  2. Click Advanced tab
  3. Found it? Great.

Step 3: Check for Duplicate Music Files

Why duplicate files? You’ve to do it at all cost. Because they’re the real culprits. They’re the ones who eat up all your space. (Here Apple iTunes won’t help because you’ve to follow a tediously boring task to check all dupes in your iTunes library.) Clone Files Checker comes in handy.  Here’s how you can use this deduplication utility:

  1. Install Clone Files Checker
  2. Add your iTunes Media Folder and hit scan.
  • Windows 8.1/8: C:\Users[Your_User_Name_Here]\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media
  • Windows 7: C:\Users\[Your_User_Name_Here]\My Music\iTuens\iTunes Media
  • Windows Vista: C:\Users\[Your_User_Name_Here]\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media

CFC comes with a built-in search facility to compare all dupes based on tags, title, album, artists, tracks, durations, and byte rates. Found some tags missing? Don’t worry, CFC will find them with its content resemblance technology as well.

  1. Now click Quick-Fix (to permanently delete all dupes) or Review & Fix (to review and then delete).

Step 4: Move Files to an External Storage

Now you’re free to move to your external storage.

  1. Connect your external hard drive.
  2. Open iTunes Media folder (refer to step#2 in Checking for Duplicate Files)
  3. Drag all files to your external storage.
  4. And you’re all set.

You can also compress your files. Zip them and move them to your external drive.

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