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October 4, 2021

C++ Programming Language
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C++ also called the middle-level programming language is a high-level programming language with object-oriented features. It is a tool used by programmers to write speedy, portable programs. It was invented by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979. However, it first came into the limelight in 1985. The software supports object-oriented, procedural, and generic programming. It features a broad standard library with vast file manipulation functions and data structures manipulation methods.

C++ is used in many applications and stands out from the crowd by exhibiting features like Polymorphism, Inheritance, Abstraction, and Encapsulation. Here are 10 notable uses of C++ in the real world:

1. Games

The highly versatile programming language is used for developing games. It can cancel out the complexities of 3D games and offers Multilayer networking. The Use of C++ in gaming utilizes procedural programming to establish intensive CPU functions and to control hardware. Because the language is super-fast, it is widely used in developing a variety of games and in gaming engines. The main application of C++ in gaming is for developing the suites of a game tool.

2. Operating Systems

Operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux are all programmed in C++. The programming language provides the foundation for most major operating systems. It is applied in developing operating systems because of its strong typing features and fast programming abilities. Plus, it is similar to assembly language making it the best candidate for writing operating systems in the low-level range.

3. Animation

Animation software is developed using C++ Programming Language. It is commonly used in building image processing, real-time, visual effects, and mobile sensor applications. The developed software is further used for animation, virtual reality, motion graphics,  and character creation.

4. GUI Based Applications

C++ is widely used in developing GUI-based and desktop applications owing to its compatible resources and features. GUI Applications written in C++ include Adobe systems and Win Amp Media player. Many Adobe systems like Illustrator, adobe premier, and Adobe photoshop are products of C++.  Win Amp Media Player is a well-known Microsoft software that provides audio and video services.

5. Database Software

Popular database management software like MySQL and Postgres are developed with the help of C++. MySQL server is used for creating a host of real-world applications that are utilized by many organizations. It is highly favored as it saves time, money, packaged software, and business systems. Other data-based software that features C++ Programming language includes Wikipedia, YouTube, and Yahoo.

6. Browsers

Commonly-used browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla internet browser are also written in C++ programming language. It is used in this concept for its rendering advantage. The rendering engines of browsing software are required to be fast, as a web page that loads poorly is a drawback for most internet users. Owing to its fast performance, C++ is the ideal choice for developing web browsers.

7. Cloud System

The vast majority of cloud storage systems mirror hardware operation, as such C++ is well-suited for developing these systems as it operates similarly to hardware. The program also offers multithreading support that functions to build concurrent applications and load tolerance.

8. Embedded Systems

Many embedded systems like medical equipment systems and smartwatches leverage C++ programming language as it is in sync with hardware and provides a range of low-level function calls (the same can’t be said for other high-level programming languages).

9. Libraries

Libraries are typically associated with high-level mathematical computations which demand the need for speed. When it comes to speedy executions, C++ is miles ahead of most programming languages and it also supports multithreading and concurrency — making it the most used language in applications where speed alongside concurrency are prevalent. As such, most libraries are programmed in the C++ language. High-level machine language libraries also use C++ as a backend.

10. Scanning

Scanning applications like film and camera scanners are written in C++ language. Common uses include PDF technology for print documentation, archiving documents, exchanging documents, and for publishing documents.

In a Nutshell C++ Programming Language has a wide portfolio of uses that make our lives easier. Granted, it is not an easy language to learn, but it offers several career benefits, especially where entry-level C++ jobs are concerned.

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