10 Apps that Every Student Needs

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School and college students are the most active users of the Internet and modern electronics, and fortunately, it can be used not only for entertainment but also for productive study. Software developers are working on the creation of specialized apps that would brighten up the routine of the educational process. Modern students are much luckier than previous generations. One can request homework help with any lesson online using any gadget, and professionals from WriteMyPaper4Me will come to the rescue. Need help with getting the certificate? Use an app and get top-quality assistance within minutes. Other than that, you can also use a Paperhelp writing app to get your essays done fast. Such apps can be extremely helpful if you’re crunched for time and have lots of assignments due. There are many helpful applications every student will benefit from. Check the list below, and you won’t doubt that the concept of using smartphone apps is very effective.


Puzzle Alarm Clock

For a person who loves to sleep, modern alarms are not an obstacle to such an adored occupation – just turn off your smartphone and go back to sleep. This doesn’t refer to this app. In order to prove the alarm clock that you woke up, you have to solve the puzzle, scan the QR code, recognize the CAPTCHA, etc. For complete awakening, you can configure sending SMS to friends, where you may ask to wake you up.  

ABBYY Lingvo

This dictionary is simply out of competition, especially when compared with free and working only online dictionaries. About 200 dictionaries for 30 languages are collected in the ABBYY application, which includes texts with examples and files with the correct pronunciation. An interesting feature of the program is PhotoTranslate, which quickly and accurately translates photographed words.

TuneIn Radio

Students learning foreign languages always have a slight sense of discomfort when it comes to communicating with native speakers. Indeed, the pronunciation that is taught is slightly different from the true one. TuneIn Radio helps you immerse yourself in the world of foreign speech. News, interviews with interesting people, music – all this is from native speakers. You’ll easily begin to understand the pronunciation, and at the same time, adjust your own. 

 iStudiez Pro

Student planning is a basic thing. Someone can keep all the pieces of information in his/her head while others need to write everything down, and preferably where it is not forgotten and not lost. This organizer is designed specifically for students. You can write the class number, the name of the teacher or the homework. The application will definitely remind you of all this. Here you can enter the dates of tests and holidays. To ensure that everything in the app does not look routine and annoying, the developers worked on a beautiful interface.


When playing sports, there is always the strength to study. Even regular jogging when using a special program can bear fruit. Do you want to be ready for the upcoming marathon? Not a problem! Using the Gipis program, you can create a personalized training plan that will take into account all the nuances and analyze your data. 

Audio Memos – The Voice Recorder

This recorder has excellent sound quality, which will allow you, even sitting far away from the lecturer, to calmly understand what the university professor was broadcasting. The app is compatible with Bluetooth and cloud storage.


Perhaps, it’s the best drawing app on the market. Experienced artists can create a true masterpiece. This application has everything for comfortable drawing. It’s a vital app for students who are going to become artists or designers, or just those who like drawing wherever they are.

TED Talks

It’s an app where everyone can join the discussion of interesting research topics and share his/her experience. Install an app and get free access to the lectures that will help you learn a lot of new things. The language won’t be a barrier as there are lecturers on all the popular languages.


It’s one more planner for students who balance work, study, and personal life. The app will help you to manage time effectively and not forget anything important. According to the in-app rating reviews, it’s one of the best planner apps. 

Life 360

It allows friends or loved ones to track your current location using GPS. It is equipped with a panic button and a notification function about entering or leaving a building. Here is a free group chat, using which you can send messages via the Internet and inform friends who are waiting for you that everything is in order.

Want to succeed in education and your social life? Hurry up to download apps listed above, and you’ll see how your life will become more organized and enjoyable.