10 Writing Apps That Make Every Student’s Life Easier

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We often imagine authors as those sitting by the fireplace at the typewriter. The room smells of fragrant coffee, and the space itself seems to be full of exquisite ideas. Sounds inspiring, right? But in reality, everything is much more prosaic. An old-fashioned office is usually the nearest cafe, a typewriter is replaced by a laptop, and the air is typically saturated with anxiety because of upcoming deadlines.

As you already understood, writing can be quite problematic sometimes. Students face many challenges, from difficulty organizing their thoughts to tired eyes and hours spent on proofreading and editing. However, we know what to do: just read our article and choose the tools that seem most useful to you!

But before we begin, let’s remember that even the most advanced technology cannot replace human experience. Therefore, if you can’t manage to finish your homework, google “write my research paper,” and you will quickly find a brilliant specialist. A professional knows exactly how to craft an excellent piece.

10 Writing Apps That Make Every Student’s Life Easier


No doubt, any text requires a lot of time, and this often results in eye fatigue. At one point, you realize that they are very dry or even twitching. In a word, you begin analyzing your final goal and discover that you need to relieve tension! And that’s when F.lux comes to the rescue.

The app changes the color temperature of the screen depending on the time of day. The bottom line is that a bright screen is convenient in daylight, but at night, the eyes work much harder. So, it’s good practice to lower the color temperature, making it warmer.

The F.lux timeline is divided into three parts: day, sunset, and night. Of course, the program has a set of pre-installed, recommended settings, but you can configure it the way that suits you best.


Before you begin essay writing, it’s likely that various references, arguments, and examples come to your mind. To save them all, download Evernote. The app not only has a lot of cool features but also offers cross-device sync.

Here’s why we appreciate it:

  • a clear structure of all records, which are divided into notebooks;
  • excellent search, thanks to which you have everything at hand;
  • the ability to attach files to a note;
  • convenient editing tools.

In case you are working on a book, divide it into chapters as separate notes. You can’t even dream of better structuring!


Evernote lovers also recommend Bear rather often. It’s perfect for taking notes or jotting down ideas for articles.

The first thing that catches your attention is surely the design. It is very pleasing. Once you open the app, you see a list of notes. If you swipe to the right, there will be a panel with tags, settings, and a trash icon. And when you click on a note from the list, here’s the editor. Thus, Bear is super user-friendly and intuitive!

Daily Page

If you dream of becoming a writer, then a platform for training your abilities surely won’t hurt. What’s more, our solution also gives you a chance to improve your time management skills, as there’s always a deadline! In the Daily Page, every morning starts with receiving a certain topic. And your job is to finish a text on it before the day ends!

The themes can be different: from secrets that you’ve hidden from your loved ones to a possible dialogue between Kanye West and the priest.


Ernest Hemingway was known for his outstanding style: he wrote simply and clearly, even about complex things. Thus, the web service of the same name helps make English texts easier to perceive. It identifies overloaded sentences and weird constructions. As a result, the paper will be both powerful and interesting to read.

iA Writer

If you are looking for a simple app that won’t distract you with excess functions, here’s a solution. In iA Writer, there will be just you, the text, the word counter, and the table of contents. Plus, iA Writer offers you Focus Mode. It makes sure you are concentrated on a single paragraph or sentence without being distracted by the rest of the text.

After completing the work, you can save the file as HTML, PDF, or Word. Moreover, feel free to upload everything to Dropbox or Google Drive.


What if inspiration struck you on the street or in transport when it’s uncomfortable to write everything down? Some turn to a voice recorder and later make hand-written notes when listening to it. But let’s agree: it’s rather time-consuming. That’s why we suggest you download Speechnotes!

It’s an excellent online dictation tool with advanced speech recognition technology. The application can work for hours on end, plus it has the ability to edit text on the go. All its main features are free.


Mind mapping is a special approach to capturing your ideas. It doesn’t lose its relevance over the years since it structures information perfectly! This skill is especially useful for students working with large amounts of text. The purpose of MindMeister is to map and indicate relationships between characters and passages of text.


Zen, minimalism, and inspiration – that’s what OmmWriter is all about. It offers you to choose the design that suits your mood while the calm background music helps you unwind and focus. OmmWriter is an indispensable tool that sets the mood for creativity.


This service wins the hearts of users around the world for a good reason. It does a fantastic job of finding typos and mistakes. What’s more, Grammarly gives you tips on how to improve the text and analyzes the context to identify the inaccuracies you’ve missed.

To Wrap It Up

In this article, we’ve put together tools that are great at overcoming obstacles, from errors to disorganized notes to a loss of inspiration. Thus, hurry up to choose an application with the functionality and design that excite you and conduct an experiment. Will you write better when relying on it? Will the process itself be easier and more enjoyable? We hope you will answer “yes”!

Photo by Darius Bashar