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May 24, 2021

Video games
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I just can’t emphasize enough how great this whole “stay-at-home” situation has turned out for many games released back in the year 2020. Games like New Horizons, Among us and Fall Guys have literally crossed boundaries and out of the blue made it to top of charts for the most played titles of 2020.

But not all the games got the attention that they so rightly deserved and here are the 5 most criminally underrated games of 2020.

Serious Sam 4

One of the games that slid right under the carpet is Serious Sam 4, if you have ever played the previous titles by the franchise, you’d know how epic this game can be. Serious Sam 4 unfortunately couldn’t get the attention it so rightly deserved.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, humanity finds itself under siege the attack of mental’s hordes, barely hanging to the ledge of life, while being eaten bit by bit. The only hope humanity has left is the rogue commandos led by Serious Sam.

Spirit Farer

One of the most beautifully crafted games that I’ve ever seen unfortunately didn’t get the attention it deserved either. One of the best things I like about this game is the idea behind it. Spirit Farer as the name indicates is the game based on the Spirits and their journey to the afterlife as they have deceased from the mortal world.

Your job is to manage the boat and make it better for the spirits to help them in their journey from life to afterlife through the silent sea, which makes it more of a boat simulator at the core.

Man Eater

I am not a fan of sharks, never been but this game takes it to a whole new level. You play as a young, revenge-fueled shark, who is out to get blood after it’s mother was hunted by one of the notorious shark killers, Scaly Pete.

Surprisingly enough, the developers have managed to make it fun roleplay game filled to the brim with action and gore. Although, unlike most, you won’t have much to do other than violently chasing and hunting down men, but if you are into violent titles with hours of action-packed gameplay, give it a go!

Immortals: Fenyx Rising

We have seen a lot of games following the Ancient Greek Mythology in the last year. Immortals follow the same trend, the story revolves around fenyx, trapped in the world of Greek gods to save his brother from dangers unknown. It reminds me of games like Genshin Impact and Valheim, both became quite a hit with record breaking sales.

Unfortunately, this beautiful open-world title couldn’t get much attention. The game offers plethora of features from versatile puzzles, epic combat, gorgeous environment, decent story and so much more.

There are plenty of awesome games out there that got over shadowed by others, with potential to be as amazing as any and if you want to try out some of these games head on to Eldorado to find yourself great deals on these titles.

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