5 Best Gaming Consoles That Hit the Market In 2020

Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo against Trump's Tariffs
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Over the last few decades, gaming has been one of the top performers in the entertainment industry. In the U.S, the video game market in 2020 was worth more than $19.72 billion. About 20% of people over 18 years in the country spend more than 10 hours playing video games. With growing interest in gaming, major gaming software and hardware developers have continued releasing some amazing products. 

Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo against Trump's Tariffs

If you are in the market for an awesome gaming console, here are some of the best products that ruled the market in 2020. 

1. PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony has been a dominant force in the gaming industry with incredible hardware over the years. The PlayStation 4 Pro is the latest version of the world’s most popular gaming console and also the best. The console boasts an exclusive game library, 4K, HDR 10 compatibility, among other features that make it the plug-and-play gaming platform for 2020. 

To make your playing experience even better, you can pick the PlayStation VR, which is the best virtual reality headset on the market. 

While PS4 Pro doesn’t include some popular games, the PlayStation Now game streaming service allows you to catch up with any video game you wish. If you are a fan of casino games such as Fallout New Vegas, where players push poker rules to the limit, you can now use the streaming service when you get hold of this incredible gadget. 

2. Nintendo Switch

Players looking for portability now have an answer in the Nintendo Switch. This is the ideal gaming console on the go. The gaming company focused on where instead of how when it developed this console and the results are an amazing handheld console that plugs into a television. 

The Switch boasts a growing catalog of fantastic 1stparty games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Stardew Valley. 

3. Xbox One X

Microsoft has continued developing some beautiful entertainment products and the Xbox One X shows how good the company has become at it. This is simply the best gaming console for 4K as it features a 4K Blu-ray player and HDR. Players have a great library of new games and high-resolution videos to make their experience even more exciting

Microsoft has said this is the most powerful gaming consoles on the market and it is easy to believe this when you try the Xbox One X. the extra power guarantees better visuals for all games. One drawback of this gaming console is that it doesn’t have VR. 

4. Microsoft XBox One S

If you are on a budget and you want a great gaming console, the Microsoft XBox One S comes at half the price of the XBox One X. You still get the gameplay and A/V experience of the XBox One X though it can only upscale games to 4k resolution. Unless you want super-fast speeds, you will hardly notice any difference as most XBox games don’t require 4K rendering anyway.

5. SNES Classic Edition

Classic video games are back, and the SNES Classic Edition is the best gaming consoles to enjoy these games. For only $80, you get 20 of the best video games ever made. The gaming console has the look and feel of the original ’90s home console. However, it is small to improve portability.

Wrapping Up

Looking to improve your gaming experience? Why not grab one of these fantastic gaming consoles. They come with innovative features to improve your playing experience. With advances in video technology, virtual reality (VR) and other innovations will continue improving the gaming experience.  For gamers, the competition between the top entertainment companies means sleeker gaming devices and more thrilling games.