By Meghna Deshraj

June 11, 2021

4 Imperative Tips for Creating the Best College Assignments all Year Round
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Freshman year of college is without a doubt, the hardest one. You get separated from your friends and family, often for the first time in your life. Add to that having to deal with a whole load of assignments and intimidating professors and some might not want to get admitted at all.

But what if the amount of stress caused by the college was a myth? What if you could make those years truly the best ones of your life? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular myths and assess them for relevance. In this article, we are going to debunk some of the beliefs that make future students dread going to college.

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Homework Is Impossible

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Many students live under the impression that you have to be superhuman to be able to handle all the homework yourself. Well, it’s not exactly true. Sure, the number of assignments students get doesn’t seem to get any smaller. Especially now that the whole world has switched to distance learning, educators assume that students will have more time to do homework, hence, they assign even more tasks.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to struggle with your homework every time. One way to get out of writing assignments is to hire an essay writer on sites like EssayWritingService to help you out. We are taught that asking for help is the same as admitting weakness or imperfection. But what we forget is that the ability to delegate is a leader’s trait. Besides, nobody’s perfect.

Creating study groups is a great way to make friends while studying. This way, you will not only help each other study but also come together as a community.

Studying Leaves No Time for Life

Sure, being a student does require a decent amount of effort, especially in your first and last years. However, leaving your hobbies, sports, and friends behind for the sake of good grades is a shortcut to depression. If you don’t enter any clubs or societies, you can be left alone, with no support system. Which in itself can be extremely harmful.

Everybody needs a way to unwind and destress, and college students are not an exception. You absolutely must find time for some sort of entertainment. Of course, it should not interfere with your study hours. But leaving at least a few hours per day free will guarantee your sanity. Moreover, being a part of college clubs can make a great addition to your resume. Especially if you become a leader of one.

You Must Have a Plan

Many students start college with a clear plan of how their lives will go up to senior years. Well, most of the time, their plans get wrecked a few years in. That said, it sure is good to know what you want from life. But it is not a necessity. You need to always remember that you can change majors, transfer from one college to another and take different courses as you go. 

You are not tied to any decision you have taken in the past. This is what college is for – exploring what you like and what you don’t like. Use this time to find your real purpose in life. And even if you don’t find it by the time you graduate, don’t worry! You can still apply for many entry-level jobs and eventually find an occupation that speaks to you.

Debt Is Inevitable

According to the Institute for College Access and Success, in 2018, 65% of students graduated with debt. The bad news is that it’s a lot of students. But the good news is that it’s not 100%! Graduating without debt is hard, but it is possible. To do that, you need to start thinking strategically. Here are a few things you can do: 

  • Get a part-time job and start paying off your debt as soon as possible;
  • Apply for scholarships;
  • Apply for FAFSA;
  • Look for a less expensive college.

Apart from that, you could try and not get into debt at all. Start saving money as early as possible, get a job while you’re in school and the academic load is not as big. Starting a crowdfunding campaign is also an option. Tell your story to the public and many will be happy to help you attain your dream.

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Name of Your College Is Everything

Many students aim for Ivy League institutions only because they think that the name on their diploma will pave their way into a spotless future. An Ivy League university or college can give you a high level of education and a very powerful network. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll get employed without an interview.

Employers are looking for actual skills, fresh ideas, and the ability to work in a team. If you don’t have that, a prestigious university won’t really help. What will help, however, is taking internships, assuming leadership positions, and working part-time. Even if your work experience is irrelevant to the position you want to take, it can do more for you than a high-class uni. A recommendation letter will do the trick, too.

The Bottom Line

Choosing what college or university to apply to is assumed to be one of the biggest decisions of one’s life. But in reality, you can undo that decision when you feel like you’re in the wrong place. Give yourself enough time to make choices and don’t beat yourself up for making mistakes. Everybody makes them and that’s okay. Our whole lives are a path of trial and error. If things don’t work out from the first try, it doesn’t mean you have to give up. 

Leave the door open for change, don’t burn bridges. Besides, you might even be one of those people who drop out to start their own business!

Keep in mind that actual skills are way more important than a diploma. Even if you went to a community college, you might end up a CEO. Try to graduate without debt and don’t give up on your hobbies. College stress is common, you need to find ways to fight it.

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