5 Pieces of Software Every SME Needs

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While larger corporations have entire departments dedicated to tasks such as bookkeeping, customer service and human resources, small to medium enterprises typically delegate tasks to people rather than departments. The bad news is that this kind of structure can overwhelm key employees, but the good news is that there are some pretty fantastic software suites that can handle many duties silently in the background. If you are looking to increase productivity without adding to your numbers, these five pieces of software are exactly what you need.

1. SysAid Service Desk

In order to take the pressure off your receptionist who is probably, for all intents and purposes, your customer service rep as well as your general office gal, you need a service desk. SysAid is a help desk, service desk, IT service management suite and so much more. Give your receptionist access to software like this and watch how efficiently questions and complaints begin to get resolved!

2. Microsoft Office

What company doesn’t need professional correspondence or spreadsheets? This is the best general office suite on the market and the very best part of it is that now you have the option to work with MS Office in the Cloud. Not only can your office staff access documents and spreadsheets but so can your mobile workforce.

3. Antivirus Software


While many people will recommend Norton Antivirus software, there are other antivirus platforms on the market, some of which are tailored primarily towards business concerns. Check out this list of the best antivirus software currently on the market so that you can choose a platform that meets or exceeds your needs. One hack could bring your business to a screeching halt, so this is one software suite you cannot do without.

4. Adobe Photoshop

Most businesses in the 21st century have a solid web presence and this means that there will always be a need for photos of products and people. Whether you want a “Meet the Team” page or a photo journal of products and services, you need high quality photos for your website. An SME typically doesn’t have the funding to hire professional photographers at every turn of the road, so software like Adobe Photoshop is your next best bet.

5. Salesforce

In today’s world, Customer Relationship Management is huge. Consumers want to build a relationship with brands they deal with. With a tool like Salesforce you can keep leads totally separate from current customers so that you can follow up as needed, and the difference between a current customer base and a list of leads necessitates two very different kinds of communications. Salesforce helps you build your bottom line by helping you maintain healthy relationships with current customers while working toward building a new customer base from those leads.

There probably isn’t a business on earth that isn’t reliant on a computer or computer network so it really pays to purchase or subscribe to the best business software you can. Yes, there is generally a cost associated with software but not nearly as high as increasing your workforce. Think of it like productivity and profit in a box. That’s the key right there!