5 Tips for Window Users Switching to Mac

5 Tips for Window Users Switching to Mac
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When Windows users are switching to a Mac device, many adjustments need to be implemented. Mac devices are durable and user-friendly. After mastering the basics, you will benefit a lot from using a Mac. Here are some essential tips that can help you in using your Mac device effortlessly. 

How to Transfer Data:

Changing your system to another operating device can be a challenging task. All the data and information that you created and collected over the years need to be transferred. The idea of leaving it all behind can be a hard one to digest.

The data of your hard drive in Windows can be transferred to Mac using the Windows Migration Assistant tool. You can use this tool for Windows 7 to the current Windows 10. Some of the data that can be moved by this tool includes,

  • Emails and contacts
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Safari for Windows, and Firefox to Safari
  • Files from the top-level folder
  • iTunes content 

Operating System Changes:

The operating system of the Mac is different from Windows. The Start Menu on the Windows that you are used to changes to Dock when switching to Mac. It can be found along the screen’s bottom edge. On a Mac, you can find applications on the left side. Folders and minimized windows can be seen on the right side.

You can find some of the Windows System Tray functions like battery level, clock, and network options on the Mac device menu bar. The Windows File Explorer that you see on your PC is similar to Mac’s Finder. If you use WordPad in Windows, then no need to worry as Text Edit in Mac is equivalent in function.

5 Tips for Window Users Switching to Mac

Keyboard Shortcut for Macs:

You will need to adapt to some keyboard shortcut changes when switching your device. These shortcuts are essential in making any task easier and faster. For example, press Command-C for Copy and Command-V for paste when using Mac.

Mac only has one button on a mouse, while Pc has two buttons. You can set up right-clicking in your Apple device using a keyboard shortcut. If you want to right-click on a Mac, press down the Control key while you click. It switches your Mac mouse to the right-click mode. 

How to Install Applications:

The process of installing an application on a Mac can be confusing for someone who is used to PCs. You can download a disk image to install the software. 

Then drag it onto the Applications folder, which can be located through a Finder app. The last step is to launch the software from the Applications folder. 

How to get it Repaired:

Since Apple devices run on proprietary software, it is best to get them repaired at an Apple Store. You can be reassured of their services and use up any remaining warranty period. Getting your Mac fixed at an authorized repair shop is also an alternative option.

Keeping these things in account, it gets hard to find a shop to get it repaired. You can search the internet to find an authorized Apple shop near your area.

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