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It is no news that the era of a new normal is upon us. The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way we do a lot of things, including work. A lot of jobs now have to be done remotely. In light of this, a work-from-home space has become a necessity for employees and even the self-employed.

A work from home space sounds pretty simple: a table, chair, computer and you are good to go. While this is not bad, it is better if your workspace exudes creativity and comfort. A properly designed workspace would grossly improve efficiency, which would in turn increase productivity and lead to better results. The key here is understanding that though it’s necessary that you be comfortable in your workspace, you don’t want to get too comfortable. 

Here are some tips on creating the best work from home space:

Create a Quiet Spot

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This is of utmost importance as you want your workspace to be devoid of noise and disturbances. It is also one of the many advantages working from home affords you. If you don’t have a spare room in your house to devote completely to a home office, look for an inviting corner in a less-used room.

Good Lighting

Proper artificial lighting is good, but natural light is great. Natural light is great for your health, and it reduces energy consumption in your home. If possible, set up your workspace next to a window and complement the area with both floor and desk lamps.

Add a Personal Touch

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in your work-from-home space, decorating it is not a bad idea. Note that picking the right colors during the decorative process is necessary as colors have a psychological effect on us. Choose bright and natural colors as they help keep you creative and lively. Choose artistic and decorative furniture, and keep in mind that the perfect balance of comfort and aesthetics is necessary. Also, don’t forget to add a personal touch — it’s your home office after all.

Get the Necessary Office Tech

Beyond the furniture (i.e desk, chair, bookshelf) your home office requires other items. Some of these gadgets include your computer, a monitor for increased efficiency and speed, noise cancellation headphones for making video calls, wireless speakers (in case you love to play music while you work), a water bottle, a coffee mug, a notepad and pen, a pen pot, and a wireless phone charger (if your phone supports wireless charging). These office tech help to increase productivity and still give a feeling of comfort. More than that, they help reproduce the feeling that you are in an office space.

Get a Reliable Internet Service Provider

The importance of a reliable internet service provider cannot be overemphasized. Working from home means you’ll be making a lot of video calls and will be online all the time. This requires a stable internet connection that offers at least 50mbps. Figuring out how to make video calls and what type of internet package you’ll need is highly dependent on your internet service provider. When possible, use an Ethernet connection in place of a wireless connection. This is because Ethernet connections are more secure, and offer more reliability especially if you make a lot of video calls or do bandwidth-intensive work.

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