By Meghna Deshraj

March 3, 2022

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It’s almost impossible to find a person in this world who wouldn’t get excited over getting a gift. Gifts make people feel appreciated. And while we often see gifts as something personal, there’s no reason why the professional world can’t get into gift-giving.

Sending gifts to clients is becoming more and more popular each year and the success of the gift-giving industry shows it. The global gift retail market value is expected to reach $68.45 billion by 2024, and a big part of that is because of corporate gifts.

Currently, corporate gift boxes are all the rage, and if you’re thinking about sending one to your clients, you should know what to put into it.

Snack gift box

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Who doesn’t like snacks? When you send food to someone who enjoys nibbling, you’re giving them a memory that will stick with them long after the snack box has nothing but crumbs in it.

Sending your clients a gift box full of snacks shows them that you care and that you’re thinking about their leisure time. At the same time, you’re making a connection with them and showing you care about their interests, especially if you send out snack gift boxes with something they’re interested in, like the ones suggested by SnackNation.

For example, if your clients are wine connoisseurs, you can send them a box that contains a wine bottle accompanied by snacks that would usually be found on a charcuterie platter. If you cater to people who are into fitness, you can send them a fit snack box filled with low-carb healthy snacks.

The possibilities are endless, and if you do it right, a snack gift box can be the way to reach your clients’ hearts through their stomachs.

Remote work gear

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Due to the pandemic, remote work has become standard for most people. But to be able to work remotely, you need a lot of gear to push through the workday. If your clients also work from home, you can send them a gift box full of gear such as headphones, webcams, and mouse pads.

This is a great gift for clients with whom you often have video conferences and you know are struggling with remote work. And if you add your logo and brand colors to the work gear, they will always have a reminder of your company, even when they’re at work.

Customized gifts

You’re probably already familiar with how important personalization is in the world of business, but it’s also important in the world of gift-giving. As much as 85% of gift buyers say that personalization is one of the biggest factors that determine the perfect gift.

By sending something personalized, you show your client that they’re not just another name on your list, but that they’re someone you know and care about personally.

You can customize almost any gift that comes to mind. It can be a care package, stationery, or notebook for example. You can engrave the client’s name into the gift and place a custom, hand-written message into a box for that little extra dose of personalization.

Gratitude box

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Saying “thank you” goes a long way with clients, and you can show your gratitude with a box filled with gifts that are meant to celebrate your partnership and promote your business.

A gratitude box can include practically anything, such as snacks, candles, hand-made soaps, or journals. But the most important part of a gratitude box is a card that explains how grateful you are to the client, what makes them a pleasure to do business with, and why you picked out those items, especially for them.

Company swag

You’re probably thinking that company swag is far from an original gift and that your clients must be sick of useless swag they have lying around the house. But you shouldn’t discard the idea of a swag box so soon, because you can create a box that is more memorable than any swag your clients ever received.

Instead of sticking to the regular swag such as pens and badges, think bigger. You can include comfortable and stylish sweatshirts with your logo, a color-changing mug that shows your logo when it’s filled with hot liquid, or a monogrammed leather notebook.

When you send swag to your clients, you’re showing them that they are a part of your company as much as any employee and that you value the contribution they make to your business.

Final thoughts

A lot of businesses have been going through some hard times in the past couple of years, and those that managed to stay afloat did so because of their clients. So show your clients how much you appreciate them with a gift box.

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