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September 2, 2022

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Are you in India and into sports betting? You may need to know that there are betting apps you prefer over others. Knowing these betting apps will save you the stress of testing other mediocre options before finding the right one.

6 Best Betting Apps In India 2022

Many of the best betting sites India get the ranking for their speed, bonuses, reliability, and a few other factors. Although they all have a good amount of these traits, every gambling site focuses on at least them. So, there is an Indian betting site that you can go to if you need exceptional speed; there’s another you can go to if you need more bonuses, reliability, and the likes of it.

We have packed this article with a list of the six best applications you can use to engage in your favorite profitable act. Also, we have explained why we name the best out of the over 100 other applications for sports gambling. So, to learn more about this topic, you must continue reading this article to the end.

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Best Betting Apps in India 2022

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There are many sites for sports gambling in India, and just a few get to be the best for people worldwide. The owners of these sites are generous with bonuses and coupons to keep their customers returning for more. Let us go into the list of the six preeminent gambling applications in India in 2022.

1. 1xBET

1xBET is one most popular betting site in the history of gambling sites, and it is also of the best, not just in India but in the world. The site has had millions of users, and it is getting more. It has many celebrities as its brand ambassador; with this, it is reaching more people by the day. With a user-friendly interface and fast responding connection, 1xBET makes her users bet more on games.

Also, it has an application for people who prefer an app to web activities. It is not limited to just one or a few payment options, as it supports many of them. Registering with 1xBET is easy and fast.

2. Betway 

On the list, Betway is another very famous gambling platform that has millions of people engaging in it daily. The application is readily available for all users on both Android and iOS devices, making it accessible to many bettors. Currently, Betway is the sponsor of a team in the English Premier League.

Majorly, Betway is best for staking on cricket games. The platform is fast, has a good feature that lets users live stream, and you can access over 100,000 sporting events daily with the software. The sweetest part of this brand is that it is easy to register on every platform, creating a large audience.

3. Parimatch 

Parimatch is another most refined wagering platform in India. The platform offers users bonuses to people who sign up with terms and conditions. It has other mouth-watering bonus suggests that users can benefit from. iOS and Android users can access the Parimatch application and the web version.

Parimatch uses a modern interface for its web version and software. It supports many payment methods, and it is trustworthy. Registration on the platform usually takes about 2 minutes.

4. 10CRIC

10CRIC makes the list of the top betting apps in India. The platform has a software and web version, and it is available for iOS and Android devices. It is the perfect choice for cricket sports bettors, as it has an exclusive option for the game. 10CRIC has the top betting odds, meaning users get better pay for winning a bet.

5. 22Bet

22Bet is an excellent platform for placing your bets and ensuring it is not a scam because it is safe and legit. Many people love this platform for different reasons, but the primary reason is the Indian Premier League’s attractive bonus it has. The platform supports iOS and Android devices and is prevalent in the region as an India betting site of all time.

6. BET365

The last platform on the list, completing the six best betting apps in India, is BET365. This gambling site has a bonus for users. It has a user-friendly interface and is very famous. It will take about 2 minutes to register on BET365 and enjoy its benefits. iOS and Android devices can use the BET365 software promptly.


India has many betting software and sites, but some beat the others in delivery. Every gambling application has a unique selling point to draw more users.

Parimatch offers more bonuses; 1xBET uses celebrities and trust to keep their users and many others. So, users can register on two different sites without obstruction.

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