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Installing Firefox extensions makes it easy to extend your browser’s functionality. You don’t even need to know how to write a single line of code for that.

Moreover, they are also useful for ramping up your cyber defenses and streamlining your workflow. These are the top 6 Firefox add-ons you should consider using:

1.   Adblock Plus

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Getting tired of annoying ads popping up all over the place? Not only does Adblock Plus deal with the nuisance, but it also keeps you safe from potential malware that may be hidden in some of these ads.

In turn, you can expect your browsing experience to be safer and less sluggish, all while saving valuable bandwidth along the way.

The great thing about Adblock Plus is that you, as the user, decide what to block. By setting your own filters, you can custom-tailor your browsing experience. Moreover, the add-on keeps you safe from unsolicited tracking.

1.   Dark Reader

dark reader

If your eyes can no longer bear the brightness of the web (Google’s default white theme is a glaring example of this), you are bound to appreciate Dark Reader.

This open-source extension overrides the default theme sets and replaces them with darker colors. When you invert the bright ones and make them dark, it places much less stress on your eyes. Thus, it also makes it easier to read at night.

Of course, you are free to set your own brightness and contrast, along with the rest of the settings. The plugin also allows you to fine-tune subtle nuances like website fonts.

1.   Grammarly


Grammarly is a godsend whenever you need to write an email, social media post, or anything else.

First, it helps you get rid of spelling and grammar errors in your writing. It catches all the typos, the misuse of tenses, and word order mistakes. Then it also suggests the optimal style and tone depending on what the text is for.

To make it even more appealing for writers, the plugin also comes with a built-in plagiarism detector. Whether you write for a living or occasionally message someone online, this add-on is a must.

1.   NordPass


NordPass is a Firefox password manager (you can find it here) that helps you keep all your passwords under one hood. It allows you to be liberal when it comes to your password variance. Each and every password you come up with can be complex, long, and hard to guess. And it won’t be a burden on your memory.

NordPass encrypts the passwords you entrust it with and stores them for safekeeping. It also auto-fills the passwords whenever you need to log in to a website, thus saving time too.

Moreover, you can use NordPass to store your credit card information, answers to security questions, and other private notes. It’s security and convenience all in one.

1.   Lightshot


Lightshot makes the process of taking screenshots both more comfortable and faster. It doesn’t matter if you want a screenshot of a particular region or the whole web page. With Lightshot, you can get the job done at the click of a button.

After you take the screenshot, you have several customization options. To go above and beyond the base functionality, the plugin also makes it easy to share the screenshot with others. You can do it directly or via social networks.

1.   Clippings


With Clippings, saving a piece of text you’ve encountered online for later read becomes a breeze. And it also works for storing content you receive via email.

Whenever you wish to return to it at a later time, you can do so by browsing through the clips you’ve saved. It is especially useful if you have to reply to customer questions in a live chat pr on social media.

The clips contain not only the content but also the source you got it from. It’s also possible to mark your clips with different colors to prioritize your tasks better.

In case you often find yourself replying with the same thing all over again, Clippings allows you to assign key shortcuts. It helps you to recall them at any time. In turn, you spend less time on mundane tasks.

It’s Your Turn

These Firefox plugins will serve you well on several occasions. Now, it’s up to you to decide how you want to customize your browsing experience and what extra functionality would benefit you the most.

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