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The world is on the brink, as the great George Orwell would put it. Or maybe the only limitation to human capability is the mind itself.

SpaceX completely revolutionized how we land rockets (at a fraction of the cost, by the way). Bitcoin prices are skyrocketing, which might be a signal of the times. Facial recognition cameras in Shenzhen coupled with integrated databases can pull up records of criminal offenders decades old. So many other things too can be mentioned.

It seems that humans are on the brink of a new frontier. It seems like tech is being revolutionized right before our very eyes.

How Has Technology Evolved Since 2000?

Granted, there have been some Rockstar moments since the last dot-com bubble. Cryptocurrency has gone from being a bland concept existing only on white paper to fueling black market trade, potentially being an accepted payment for a Tesla.

The output from your PC to a printer would be work that was left overnight. Now, smart printers are connected to your smartphone and smart emails, and you can install a printer from anywhere in a flash.

Data science has grown into a new field. He who has the data has the last laugh and his hands in your pockets. AI and machine learning are using that data coupled with creative minds to bring the world closer together. Amazon can ship to your door in just a few minutes, taking these new technologies into the realm of business. Green technologies are turning wastelands into new Edens.

There are infinite bits to the tech whole, and the future has no limits. The last two decades have shown the positive impact of technology when great minds and great intentions come together. We have also seen the potential danger of certain technologies such as social media if not harnessed for the right reasons.

All these points are important to keep in mind if you are a student doing an essay writing assignment on technology. But certain technologies stand out and which for certain seem to be ushering in the ultimate future of human tech. Here are 6 things to keep in mind:

  1. Storage Is No Longer an Issue

Two decades ago, we were using floppy disks. Flash disks were still a concept, and rewritable CDs were a preserve of those with Benjamins to burn. Now, we are talking of increased cloud capacity, smartphones with hundreds of gigabytes of storage, and the introduction of SSDs.

Perhaps it is expected that storage should increase thanks to the numerous data-intensive applications we expect to be launched thanks to the internet of things. However, with 2025 nearing, storage of data may be the least of someone’s tech problems.

  • Faster Communication Like Never Before

What would IoT and smart city grids run on if not 5G? Current internet speeds may be sufficient for streaming 4K gaming and Netflix. But when it comes to smarter living and a truly interconnected world, more is needed. Enter 5G, augmenting 4G and 4G-LTE.

  • The Power of Computing May Soon Hit Unprecedented Levels

We are now talking about Qubits and quantum computing, much faster than the fastest GPUs currently existing. The possibilities of exploring physical concepts such as dark matter and existence beyond our known dimensions have expanded thanks to quantum computing.

  • Artificial Intelligence Is Coming to Life

AI is running facial recognition software in Chinese cities with impeccable precision. Neuralink may see humans without limbs controlling prosthetic attachments. Google uses AI to process 3.5 billion requests per day. The possibilities and scale of AI are endless.

  • BIM Is Moving From 3D to 4D

We can’t speak about technology and forget a crucial part of it – our built environment. Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is the intelligent building of 3D models. 3D printing is the embodiment of BIM.

 With the added fourth dimension of time, we can build even smarter and brace for impact. Even commercial renovation services will at some point be able to afford BIM on a smaller level. All models can be produced with every parameter considered to show the true scale of sustainability.

  • Mobility Is Being Redefined

The rise of Tesla has birthed positive competition from other EV companies such as Rivian and  Nio. China is set to unveil a revolutionary Maglev train zooming past at 620 KPH. The boring company is building a test tunnel in Nevada. We are sending probes to Mars. A virgin Hyperloop is about to become operational.

It only seems like humans are moving faster and forward.

The Future Is Now 

Mentioning these 5 technologies does not do the word justice since there are infinitely many parts to the tech whole. However, we are both lucky and esteemed to be living in a time when technology has truly come alive in every possible area and aspect.

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