By Meghna Deshraj

February 28, 2022

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Instagram has billions of users, and that number is growing daily and rapidly. As a result, platforms like this usually provide many opportunities for businesses to find new customers, get more followers and make money. 

However, there are still many questions about which growth strategies and techniques work best on Instagram. As a matter of fact, the landscape is constantly changing, so it’s essential to stay on top of all the latest strategies.

Additionally, it can take a long time and a lot of effort to build a vast and engaged abundance of Instagram followers. For that reason, the strategies below will help you quickly and efficiently grow your small business’ Instagram account and develop a significant and profitable following.

Everything’s About The Hashtag

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While hashtags may appear insignificant and inconvenient, they are an essential aspect of the Instagram environment since they can make your account visible to thousands of people who might not have discovered it otherwise. 

Some websites can help you locate hashtags relevant to your sector and include them in all of your postings. 

In addition, while Instagram allows you to use up to thirty hashtags per post, you should know that the most popular posts on Instagram employ an average of eleven hashtags, which leads us to believe that you need to use somewhere between five and fifteen hashtags, so your post can be visible to a larger audience.

Post Frequently And Consistently

A couple of years ago, one renowned social media analytics company examined and studied over 5,000 Instagram profiles. They discovered that the most popular accounts were posting at least a couple of times per day. 

This might be as simple as posting one of your previous posts, a current project, or a quick hello note to your followers. People will remember you’re active on Instagram if you post daily, and your content will stay relevant in their newsfeeds, ensuring they don’t miss any of your posts.

Use The Reels Feature

If small company owners want to grow their Instagram pages in 2022, using reels, Instagram’s short-form video function, similar to TikTok, is the right way to do it. Small businesses may generate a wide range of video content for Reels, and their customers will enjoy engaging with it. You can make Reels right in the Instagram app, or you can use a video-making app to make heavy promotional videos in a matter of minutes.

Send More Direct Messages 

If you want to develop your Instagram account and increase sales throughout the year, your business requires you to become more active in the DMs. Direct Messages on Instagram allow you to engage with your consumers more personally, address their questions, and strengthen relationships.

Encourage Instagram Saves 

As with shares, saves are now valued higher in the algorithm. Encourage engagement by including a specific call-to-action at the end of each Instagram photo. You may, for example, arrange a giveaway in which participants must save the post in order to be eligible to win. In the bottom right corner of your post, you could even include a CTA and a small arrow to save this post.

Purchase Instagram Shout Outs

An Instagram shout-out occurs when a user mentions your account in a description or on an image in one of their posts. Shout-outs on Instagram are among the easiest and most effective strategies to increase your following. 

It exposes your account to thousands of additional users who you would not have known about otherwise. Locate the most active Instagram accounts in your sector and find the ones that have high engagement based on the number of comments and likes their posts receive, to find the perfect profiles for shout-outs. Then simply contact them to ask if they’d like to do a shout-out and the cost of it.

Schedule Your Instagram Posts

You probably don’t have time to manage and monitor your Instagram account on a regular basis and daily as a small business owner. For that reason, scheduling is critical for building your Instagram account while also focusing on other business elements. 

Scheduling your posts in advance will also ensure that you always have new information to publish and won’t forget your regular post. You can set a schedule for your Instagram posts on the app itself or use some third-party apps as well.

Final Thoughts

There are loads of small businesses on Instagram, with thousands more joining up each day, and one way to make yours stand out is to use these growth hacks and push past the competition. With millions of users flocking to Instagram each month and engaging millions of posts daily, it’s clear that the platform is a growing force to be reckoned with. As a small business owner, you want to seize this opportunity to grow your presence and expand your reach.

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