8 Best Apps to Correct Grammatical Errors in your Writing

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Have you ever noticed how the very things that we can easily narrate in a conversation are fairly hard to write? Most of us suffer from Scriptophobia i.e. the phobia of having to write something down. Whenever we are asked to write something down, we feel so challenged that we end up finding ourselves at a loss of words. If you are a student, written tasks are nothing new to you. You must have tackled several written tasks throughout your terms and semesters in school or college. While gathering facts and putting them into coherent sentences is already a hectic task in itself, what becomes more difficult is the inability to avoid grammatical and spelling errors.

Apps to Correct Grammatical Errors

We all know how costly poor grammar can be. For a student, it can mean poor grades, while for a professional writer or an editor it can mean poor reviews. However, well you write or try to incorporate facts in your writing, grammatical and syntactical errors can ruin all your efforts. Moreover, considering how tedious proofreading and editing verbose assignments and copies of texts can be, we often overlook crucial mistakes. However, there are several great writing applications that can help you fix the grammatical and spelling errors that you make while writing, ensuring quality writing as the final product. The errors that the human eye can overlook can be easily detected by these apps, thus reducing the number of mistakes and enhancing the quality of the paper.


So for students who do not have a penchant for writing or those who tend to commit silly mistakes, the following editing applications can come to their rescue at once.

For Mid-School Students

  1.     OnlineCorrection.com

For a middle-school student, OnlineCorrection.com is the best option as the tool is an all-rounder that checks for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. The app detects deformities in the style and vocabulary of your writings too. The best feature of this tool is that it is available in all the English dialects like British, American, and Australian English. When you log in, you can enter your writings on the text editor window and the tool can correct your errors using its highly efficient autocorrect feature. The tool has a minimalistic interface and is quite easy to use. It is simple enough to be used by mid-schoolers and takes just over a minute to check the document.

  1.     GrammarCheck

This free grammar checker is very easy to use and works well on the simple English used by mid-school students. You can check for grammatical errors as well as syntactical mistakes in your writing. You can write your document in the tool and edit while writing. The tool supports various formats so that you can also import documents and edit them. “The tool is reliable and quite efficient for the simple texts written by students attending middle school”, says Joseph Swain, editor for MyAssignmenthelp. Moreover, Grammar Check has an affordable pricing too.

  1.     Grammarly

The best grammar checker app in its league, Grammarly is a favorite among writers because it lets the writer choose the errors that they want to rectify rather than autocorrecting them. From the wrong use of tense to spelling errors, from errors in writing style to errors in vocabulary, Grammarly has got you covered. The app has an online as well as a desktop extension and comes with a free version too. While the free version lets you check the most common errors, the paid version helps you trace more serious errors and also serves the purpose of a plagiarism checker.

For High School and College Students

  1.     AfterTheDeadline

Available both as an online tool as well as a plugin, After The Deadline is a great writing app that can fix errors in college papers. You can either download the online version or you can also log in to the web address and do it directly on the webpage. All you need to do is copy-paste the text into the big field or write your copy directly in it and click the Check Writing button at the bottom. The tool will detect the errors within minutes and display the explanations behind the mistake. The best part about the app is that it supports all types of software so that you do not have to worry about it not running on your system properly.

  1.     Paper Rater

A spell checker as well as a plagiarism checker, Paper Rater is a free online tool. A choice of most academic writing sites like Dissertationproviders and All Essay Writer, several freelance and academic writers swear by this grammar tool. You can save your document in the cloud memory of the tool and therefore remain relieved of having a copy of your document saved in the tool’s database. The tool will help you find similar work on the topic that you have written on so that you can understand what to write and what not to.

  1.     SpellCheckPlus Pro

If you are not an English speaker, then this tool is the best option for you. SpellCheckPlus is a favorite among the ESL students due to it lucid system of analyzing writings. The tool offers a freemium version that you can use for an indefinite period of time but all the features will not be accessible. The only problem with the tool is that it cannot perform suggestive analysis and fails to explain why something is incorrect. All you need to do is put the text in its editing box and then run a check through your writing. You can also spend $15 in buying the Pro version of the app and enjoy the advanced features that the app has in store. “The app is reliable and accurate when it comes to fixing grammatical and spelling errors in your written tasks for an individual license”, says Emily Kingston, essay writer for Assignmenthelp.us.

For professional writers and editors:

  1.   Ginger

With an interface almost like Microsoft Word, you can write your text on Ginger and run a check so that the tool can see through the context of your writing, reformat and rectify when necessary. We all know that sentences that are out of context can harm a budding writer’s career. And that is exactly what Ginger does – building proper context. As an amateur writer, there is a lot about the English language that you need to learn and master and Ginger does exactly that. The tool can detect even the most complicated spelling errors as well as embarrassing typos. Wondering what else does it have in store for you? The tool also detects plagiarism and highlights any portion of your writing that has resemblance with a copy on the internet. The tool is compatible with Word, PowerPoint and it runs smoothly on both Android and iOS platforms. Moreover, if you are looking for an app that can help you with language translation, then this is it. Ginger is programmed to be able to translate your text into 40 languages. All these features can be yours at a very reasonable price. You can invest in monthly, quarterly, or yearly packages to use the premium version.

  1.     WhiteSmoke

The best in its league for editors and writers, WhiteSmoke can detect a wider range of grammatical, spelling and phrasing errors. The app is a combination of AI and agile algorithms that can take care of all kinds of mistakes that we tend to make while writing in a flow – typos, punctuation, syntactical errors, etc. WhiteSmoke comes as a desktop extension and also as an application suitable for Android and iOS. The best feature that makes the app a favorite among professionals is its templates that can help you save some quality time. The app acts almost like a writing assistant that helps you improve your writing style. The app is also dyslexia friendly and offers a free toolbar for download. The tool scores your text and lets you know the writing fares in parameters like the style, grammar, vocabulary, etc. With so many amazing features, the tool has a flexible price. You can buy the monthly, yearly, or three-year premium plans.

Writing can be quite a challenge. There is so much to be careful about – the tone, the spellings, and the grammar. The days are over when you had to bank all your hopes on a lexicon. There are several tools and applications that can detect language and grammatical errors in your copy and help you enhance the quality of your writing. And if you still feel like taking the use of a human to do the same, you can take assistance from the expert writers of academic sites too. Either way, your writings will improve remarkably and you will win a positive feedback in the form of grades or accolades.

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