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April 18, 2020

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There is lots of talk going around about games being the latest and greatest leisure activity. Screaming headlines tell us that these days, people would sooner play games than watch movies or listen to music or, in recent weeks, step outside their front doors. 

That’s well and good, but to hear it, you could be forgiven for thinking that gaming is something that was invented a year or two ago. Those of us who grew up with a Commodore 64, or even a Sega Mega Drive, and are now counting the grey hairs might have something to say about that. 


The truth is that gaming has been around more than long enough for nostalgia to kick in. In fact, it is exactly those children of the 90s who represent the growth in the industry that is getting the media so excited. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that several 90s classics are being polished up and reimagined almost 30 years later. 

Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

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When re-introducing a much loved game, the developers always walk a tightrope. Make too many updates and you upset the target audience. Too few and the games will struggle to gain more than curiosity interest. 

It’s a balance that Nintendo has a habit of getting just right, and they’ve done it again with this Game Boy classic from 1993. The port to Nintendo Switch is done well, and enhances the graphics while keeping the toy-type quality. There has also been some much-needed work behind the scenes on the game physics, meaning those playing it for the first time will find it just as engaging as their parents who are revisiting it a quarter of a century later. 

Street Fighter II

The original fighting game, Street Fighter II was the most popular arcade-style game of the early 90s. Its 2020 return is in an altogether different guise, but one that reflects the fact that those who grew up playing it are now almost 30 years older. 

Next month, igaming developer Netent will release a Street Fighter II slot game, based lovingly on the original. We will have to wait till the release date for full details, but the developers have confirmed that it will feature the characters, music and graphics from the classic game. Keep an eye on a site like Hindi slots to find out which online casinos will be adding it to their range of games. 

Final Fantasy VII

Here, we go to the other extreme, with a 90s game that has been recreated with all the attention to detail of someone restoring a classic car. However, a car restorer might subtly add a couple of modern upgrades that are not obvious at first glance, and that is exactly what has happened with this remake.

Every tiny detail from the original game is there. But many of the scenes and characters now have additional features and depth that only becomes clear when you get into the gameplay. It’s everything a good remake should be, so enjoy! 

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