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March 16, 2021

A Guide to No Deposit Bonuses
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A Guide to No Deposit Bonuses

How is it possible to play in an online casino without risking none of your money? Is the deal not too good to be true? It is possible to have some fun without money courtesy of no deposit bonuses. The online casino space has become very crowded, forcing online casinos to come up with more attractive incentives. Gambling for free ranks top among these incentives. You can win real money from nothing. 

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

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Just as the name suggests, this is an incentive by an online casino allowing you to play certain games staking no money. New casinos offer this bonus to invite new clients to try out the platform. Other casinos also offer this bonus to their existing members to try out new games. 

You will receive a bonus code which you can activate in your free games. No deposit bonuses often apply for slot games. Nowadays, there are many no deposit offers. This casino sign up bonus is one that we recommend.

Free Spins

No deposit free spins are the most common type of no deposit bonuses. Online casinos will usually restrict the bonus to specific games e.g., Goddess of Fortunes or Invisible Man. Some casinos will label them explicitly as ‘No deposit bonus’ while others will show zero wagering requirements. 

Some casinos will not restrict you to specific games, but will require that you use the free spins within a specific period. The bonus expires when this period lapses. 

No Deposit Cash Bonus 

This bonus is very rare. In simple terms, the casino will let you use their money to play against them. But the catch is the high wagering requirements that apply on these bonuses. The casino will also most likely restrict you to specific games where the house has a high edge. 

Advantages of No Deposit Bonus

There are several reasons you would hunt for no deposit bonuses:

No Risk 

The most obvious advantage is that you will play to win real money with no risk on your side. This proposition would be unheard of in a land casino.  

Win For Free 

Regardless of the high wagering requirements, any money you win is real money. You can withdraw it if you are lucky enough to get through the wagering requirements. Wins with this bonus are rare, but if you win, it is free money. 

Good for Testing New Casinos and Games 

Testing a new online casino will cost you if the casino does not have a demo account. The same applies to testing new games. Why spend money on a casino or game that you may not like? A no deposit bonus is the perfect incentive to test without risking your money. It will help you land an online casino with satisfactory user experience. 

Save on Entertainment Budget

No deposit bonuses can save you good money if you are a casual gambler only interested in the thrill of the game rather than winning money prizes. There are many online casinos with no deposit bonus offers such that you can play a few games every week without ever having to spend your money. 

Downsides of a No-deposit Bonus 

There are some downsides to playing with no deposit bonuses:

Restricted Games 

You are often restricted to games where your chances of winning are low. No deposit bonuses are usually open for slot games because the house has a significant edge in these games. 

High Wagering Requirements 

These requirements are also called playthrough. They are restrictions that apply to withdrawing the wins you get from using a no deposit bonus. These conditions require you to play and reach a specific stake amount before you can withdraw your wins. This amount is expressed in multiples of the bonus. For example, if you have a bonus of $20 with a playthrough of 20x, you have two options;

  • Place a wager of $400 in a single game 
  • Play and repeatedly win until you hit $400 

The first scenario makes little sense, you are more likely to go with the second. The online casinos will count on your probability of losing before hitting the playthrough.  

Minimum Withdrawal Requirements 

An online casino may also restrict the amount you can withdraw to above a certain limit. It makes it harder to withdraw your limited wins. 

A no deposit bonus is very useful when you are trying out a new casino or game. It is also a good offer if you hate spending money on gambling. It is the closest thing to having a free lunch.  

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