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August 5, 2021

PC Games
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There is no doubt that online gaming has continuously been growing throughout the years and there is no end in sight for when this will stop. Technology has given gamers the opportunities not only more options when it comes to the games, they play but also to where they can play from.

Some industries have taken the opportunity of this online expansion in order to grow. Industries such as casinos have taken this favorable circumstance on the internet so that users can always access online gambling sites from wherever in order to find entertainment. Even online slots have always been a hit. Land-based casinos, like the Borgata, have moved online and now offer a wide range of slots to players.

Nevertheless, there used to be a time, just at the beginning of the rise of the internet, where games were played entirely on the PC. People didn’t have the commodity that they have nowadays to pay in their smartphones and tablets and they relied entirely on their PC for playing. And while the times have changed, and games have been improved and modified in order to fit newer technology versions, the older and popular PC games will always remain classics.

Here are some of the most popular PC games ever:

1. Chrono Trigger

Launched in 1995, Chrono Trigger is one of the all-time classics. The creator of Dragon Ball was attributed to be the talent behind this famous and successful PC game. While the game has been updated today to fit newer technologies, the complex game hasn’t lost the storyline that made it a popular game back then.

2.Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn

Initially released in 2001, this role-playing game became quite popular because it gave the players an option in their PC to play with the use of an isometric camera, which allowed the player to have different perspectives while playing, a feature that was new back then.

3.GTA – Grand Theft Auto V

While this game is now available to play on smartphones and tablets, in 2015 when the game was originally developed it was made entirely to be played on a PC. This game was full of adventure and suspense scenes that showed the life of a metropolis where the main player oversaw his own reality. This game will always, without a doubt, remain a PC classic.


StarCraft is also known to be an all-time PC classic game. This popular game was famous because it allowed players to form a strategy in order to win a game. While there is a huge sci-fi aspect to this game, it will always remain as one of the old legends of PC gaming.


Released in 1995 this game was one of the first animated games that users were able to play freely on their PC and use strategies and different tactics to successfully operate it. The end goal of this game used to be about assembling a team that would be sent on a mission against an alien threat, and soldiers needed to survive towards the end of the game to win. Recently, a game known as Phoenix Point launched in 2019 and it was based completely on this game, given that the popularity of this all-time classic remains especially for people who had the opportunity to play the original version when it came out.

While the technology world continues to grow, and more games continue to appear on online platforms, there is no doubt that the all-time classics will always remain popular. Not only were these PC games the guidelines for the new video games, but a lot of them served as inspiration for newer and improved models.

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