By Shilpa Jain

January 19, 2019

LED light
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LED light

It’s reasonable that some truckers would not want to light up their vehicles like Christmas trees with LED bulbs. However, there are many reasons why doing exactly that could be beneficial for you. Read along to learn more about the benefits of LED and why truckers should consider these bulbs:

LED Technology has Improved Over the Years

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Unlike traditional bulbs, LEDs don’t contain a gas-filled chamber. The name stands for light emitting diode, so it’s essentially a diode that lights up when electricity is applied. When LEDs were first designed for truckers, drivers were hesitant to adopt them. The main reason was that LEDs couldn’t reach as far as halogens. However, LED lights for semi trucks have improved over the years. Now you can use these bulbs for anything in your truck except in front lighting like fog lamps.

LED Bulbs are Affordable

Even after some initial hesitancy, large fleets of trucks immediately began to adopt LED technology. That’s largely thanks to how affordable these bulbs are compared to traditional semi truck parts. Compared to halogens, LEDs are much cheaper to produce. As a result, the consumer price tag for these bulbs is also highly affordable. If you have multiple trucks, LED is thus the most cost-saving choice for bulbs.

LED Bulbs are Efficient

From things like the Winterfront to other components of the truck, efficiency is important for maintaining power and durability of a truck. The reason LED bulbs are so popular is because these are highly efficient, just as truckers would prefer them to be. Recently, eco-conscious consumers have popularized LEDs. Even power companies now recommend LEDs for home thanks to how efficient these bulbs are.

Compared to traditional bulbs, LEDs by design are more efficient when converting a bolt of electricity into illumination. A traditional light bulb only converts 3 percent of the electricity it gets into light. That’s a lot of electricity wasted right there. On the other hand, LEDs can convert 90 percent of the electricity it receives into light. That’s an amazing level of efficiency.

An LED bulb, by all measures, can generate more light per watt than the average halogen bulbs. Truckers can save money and battery power with this level of efficiency.

LED Bulbs are Durable

Traditional bulbs may go off within a matter of weeks. An LED can last a lifetime. Traditional halogen bulbs once enjoying a reputation for lasting over 1,500 hours with constant use. LEDs, amazingly, exceed this threshold.

There are many factors that determine if a bulb would wear out or stop working. For example, temperatures that are either too hot or cold could cause typical halogens to wear out. LEDs simply don’t have this problem thanks to the nature of its design. You can expect these bulbs to be rugged and resistant to some damage. LED bulbs can outlive nearly all old bulb models.

LED bulbs are unique in the sense that they last long, are highly efficient, and affordable. You can use these bulbs for various requirements in the truck. Between most other bulbs and LED, the latter is always the safest choice to go with.

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