All new Tech-Trends we will most likely be Seeing for 2021.

New year
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New year

2020 surely has been a very bumpy ride. None of us will ever forget the change that was brought to us among the horrifying pandemic caused by the Coronavirus. This has led to a number of new technologies and trends that have been created to make our lives easier and minimize contact between people as much as possible. 

Last year in 2020, we have seen a major increase in the usage of delivery services, with many taxi companies switching to delivering foods and goods to be able to support restaurants and shops and also help people buy what they need without putting themselves at risk in widely public places to avoid spreading the virus. We have also seen a big technological increase in everyone’s homes, so that people get less bored not having to do anything at home. We’ve seen an increase in movies and TV shows, more new games, all new consoles, and much much more! 

For this coming year of 2021, we’re going to have much to see, lots to learn, and we’re going to need to prepare our pockets a little bit because this year is going to have a lot of new stuff to offer, which most of us are going to want to buy, and trust me, it’s not going to be cheap! 

Firstly, let’s start by seeing how the new 2020 trends will affect 2021 in a corona-free planet. Even though we think we might have the virus eradicated this year, will the world go back to normal as it was once before? Not really. Some factors we have come up with last year have shown to be quite convenient, therefore we might just keep them around, even if the virus goes away. I highly doubt people are going to stop getting shopping delivered to their doorstep, and I don’t think the face masks and hand sanitizers are going to go away either. People tend to stick with what makes them comfortable. Safety awareness has grown a lot last year, and this year it’s here to stay.

AR/VR Gaming.. And more?

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality gaming are both familiar names with all of us now. Both are the newest and biggest innovations the world of gaming has ever seen, and we have already gotten the chance to taste the immersive experience, however one thing we know for sure is it still has a long way to go in terms of improvement and optimisation for the best possible experience through the all new systems. The prices are also quite hefty as well, however we know for sure that as it gets more common, the prices will drop. In 2021, production companies are working full steam ahead to improve the experience and take it that one step further which we are all very eager to see. 

We will also be seeing an increase in the use of AR and VR systems within the industry of iGaming, where some online casinos like the best online casino in India and more, are creating new innovative ways to enjoy the casino experience in an even more immersive way than ever before, in virtual reality! Some casinos have already started prototypes of these systems, but as with all other VR gaming, it still has quite a long way to go!

But that is not the only way we are seeing AR and VR increase this year, We are seeing AR and VR advancing and enhancing other sectors, like healthcare. An augmented reality powered navigation system was recently made, which helps surgeons visualise a patient’s spine through skin and tissue. This increases the surgeon’s accuracy and saves them precious time in surgeries. 

Working remotely will continue to increase all around the world. We all know that without work, the world doesn’t go round. We need work to live, and the virus was affecting everyday workers’ lives with social distancing regulations. However, one job sector was not affected by this, and that was the sector of remote working. The idea of working at home through a computer was one that brought a lot of convenience for many people. Not only could they work from the comfort of their own home. Yes, once the coronavirus is eradicated, many shops and services will go back to normal business as usual, although many will still desire that comfort and convenience that comes from being able to work remotely, which is why the opportunities will stay around and even rise to unforeseen levels, as the online world grows and advances to new heights.