Android Data Recovery with iSkysoft Toolbox

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Over time, the evolution of technological innovations has certainly turned the tides of achieving various tasks.  Likewise, aside from simplifying work process, technological innovation has become a means of achieving what couldn’t be achieved decades ago. And a good example of this is the android data recovery ability of the iSkysoft toolbox.

Considering the rate at which people losses vital data from their Android phones, one would say this application arrived in the nick of time. And unfortunately for some, lost data from their Android devices happens to be such that is vital and can be detrimental to them in some ways. Nonetheless, the iSkysoft application is here to make sure android users don’t have to go through hell when any relevant data get lost on their gadgets.

For instance, one can easily recover deleted text messages in android phones with this tool. However, when talking about data recovery with iSkysoft, it goes beyond recovering deleted SMS alone. It possesses the capacity to recover WhatsApp messages among others. Nonetheless, here is the full list of data recovery capacity of the Toolbox.

Types of data that can be recovered by iSkysoft toolbox

The iSkysoft toolbox does outstanding work in the recovery of the above-listed categories of android data. However, it’s still possible for some to say ‘I don’t need the application because I’m always careful with my phone data’. But do you know there are other situations beyond one’s direct action that can lead to data loss from your phone? Aside from accidental deletion of files from phones, little do some know that phone data can be lost through the followings?

  • When phone’s SD card (memory card) has an issue
  • When your android operation system crashes
  • When water comes in contact with your phone
  • When your phone suddenly goes dead without any reason
  • Use of factory reset function without proper backing up of data
  • A broken screen can also prevent you from accessing your android’s data

Similarly, rooting error due to inexperienced hands trying to root an android or phone glitch among others often causes data loss of android phones. However, the emergence of the iSkysoft Toolbox, without doubt, has brought about the ideal solution to the issue of android data recovery.

How does the application works?

Considering the simplicity but yet effective solution desired by end-users of certain product or service, the inventor of this application put extra effort to make sure it comes as a user-friendly tool. The tool’s user-friendly features offer three simplified  and effective steps in recovering back lost data. And the stages are as follows.

Stage One:

  • You need to Launch the Iskysoft Toolbox on a computer
  • Then connect your android phone (Ensure you are using high-quality connection cable)
  • Click on Recover as shown in the image below
iskysoft toolbox

Stage Two:

  • Select the type of data you want to to recover (As you can see, the options are well laid out below). For instance, you have the option to recover deleted text messages android or select multiple sections of the phone to retrieve the data from.
  • Then move to the next stage to start scanning.
iskysoft toolbox data recovery

Stage Three:

  • Here, you have the opportunity to preview your Android phone data on the computer screen.
  • You then have the option of recovering the data to the computer or back to the phone.
  • Then put the “Recover” button to initiate the completion of the recovery process.
iskysoft toolbox data recovery3

Three ways data recovery methods

Without a doubt, there are other similar data recovery applications out there; however, the iSkysoft Toolbox comes with an edge over them. Why is this so, you may ask. This application increases the chances for data recovery through its three methods specified below:

  • Recovery of data from phones Internal Memory
  • Recovery of lost data on SD Cards
  • And also the recovery of data from broken phones
iskysoft toolbox 3 ways data recovery

You would agree that there are some situations where data couldn’t be retrieved from the above aspect.  However, the triple-combo ability of the iSkysoft Toolbox gives an enhanced possibility in accessing your confined data from your android. Nonetheless, to get an optimal result from the use of this tool, you must ensure that the data recovery process is initiated not long after your data is missing. Likewise, if you happen to be somewhere you couldn’t access your computer to initiate the process, you will need to limit the operation you perform with the phone. For instance, avoid running other apps when it’s not necessary or switch the phone off. This is just to give you the best chance of getting your data back intact.

Supported devices and operating systems

It’s possible you have been wondering if this recovery tool supports all types of phones. Right? It presently does not support any other type of phones which are not Android-based phones. However, the good news is that a larger percentage of people now use Android phones and  new people are joining the list daily.

supported devices

More importantly, this tool works with any android phone irrespective of the brand. A fascinated consideration made by the maker of this tool is that you get to check if your device (phone) is supported on the iSkydoft website.  All you need is to use the “Ctrl+F” to easily check if your android version from the extensive list of supported Android and brands which includes Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, SONY and Google among others

tech specs

Likewise, the application’s supported operating system includes windows, Vista, XP and Android operating systems.  So, whichever of these operating systems you have, mean you are good to go with the iSkysoft data recovery toolbox.

From the brief illumination of this android data recovery application, it is obvious that the time to be scared of lost data from your mobile phone is passed. So, why not take your time to check out more detailed information on how to optimally use the iSkysoft Toolbox application? It’s certain every android user will love this tool on the first trial. So, spare a moment to access the life-changing benefits this application offers practically today.