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Did you know a hacker could be watching you right now? See that webcam on the top of your laptop screen? Gaining control over that small camera is surprisingly easy for even the most unseasoned hackers. They could easily take over your PC, access every doc ever stored, record your Skype calls, even keep a track of browsing history and account login credentials.

We’re sure you might have heard all of these before, but it’s time for you to take it seriously. And, “No, that free antivirus is not going to help you at all”!

Each and every move you make online could be traced by someone completely stranger. And, although you could boast of having a free-version of the best antivirus brand, they could do little to safeguard against the type of threats that swarms the internet nowadays.


Risks of not having a paid antivirus:

Increased vulnerability to new threats
Paid antivirus solutions does signature-based malware detection. This refers to the ability of an antivirus at detecting and dealing with “real-world” malwares and brand new virus attacks, which is much higher as compared to its free counterpart.

Hackers work day-in-day-out to create malwares that could breach your firewalls. Only a paid virus defender could stand undeterred in such circumstances.

Data breach
All your files, bank details, passwords, personal images, family videos, etc., are not impossible to access when you are using a free antivirus. Data breach is one of the most infamous cyber crimes currently, primarily due to the fact that very few think about adopting the right data safeguarding measures. A paid antivirus not only prevents your data from getting breached by hackers, it encrypts your online transactions and eliminates all possible grounds of hacking.

Unfiltered and unsuitable content exposure to kids
Remember the “Blue Whale Game” that wreaked havoc on families across the world recently and consumed the life of hundreds of innocent kids? Exposure to unsuitable contents and the fatalities it could cause to your kid could be indescribable.

Parental Control – a unique feature in most paid antivirus programs – allows parents to control the kind of content that reaches their kids. The tool filters out inappropriate content and allows nothing but useful and enlightening knowledge to pass through.

Free antiviruses are easy to bypass. The only way to avoid this risk is by adopting the right antivirus solution. While there is a price you have to pay, the returns will be worth it. What’s more is, there are sites that offer discount coupons. You can easily buy the most popular and top rated antivirus Bitdefender at cheaper prices using Bitdefender discount coupons available there. Bitdefender discount coupons are heavily used among tech-savvy people who understand the benefits of a paid anti-malware solution.

The world is going digital and each and every country is gearing up to embrace it on a full-fledged scale. At the consumer level, the general population is connected to some web-accessing device at an avg. 8 hours/day. From paying your electricity bills to Christmas shopping, you are performing more than fifty percent of financial transactions online.

In other words, digitization is imminent and so are the risks if you don’t have a good security system in place. Switch to a paid antivirus program today if you don’t want to witness the ugly side of internet.

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