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December 7, 2015

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AOMEI Windows Preinstallation Environment PE Builder download for windows pc. AOMEI Windows PE Builder is a completely free Windows PE(Preinstallation Environment) creator that offers different variety of utilities for repairing Windows. Windows PE, stands for Windows Preinstallation Environment, is a lightweight version of Windows used for troubleshooting an operating system while it is corrupted.


As the picture shows above, you can create Windows PE boot media by AOMEI PE Builder in three methods: Burn To CD/DVD, USB Boot Device, Export ISO File. Just choose any one according to your preference.

To create a Windows PE media, typically you have to pre-install Windows AIK or WAIK, or prepare a Windows installation disc. Thankfully, one of the most important feature of AOMEI PE Builder is just allows you to create a bootable environment based on Windows PE without installing AIK/WAIK, which integrates a set of tools that enables you to boot up your computer for hassle free maintenance and fast recovery tasks when the native system is corrupted or cannot be used. It saves alot of time and energy!
Except many built-in tools in AOMEI PE Builder, you can still specialize your own Windows PE through the following two functions.
Add Files: It supports including more portable tools you like into Windows PE bootable media. As you know, portable tools are usually a single exe file or a folder with necessary files.
Add Drivers: In order to make Windows PE recognize more hardware, it enables to add drivers to Windows PE bootable media. Note that you can only add the driver files whose extended file name is “.inf”.


After you create bootable media successfully, you can restart your computer and adjust boot order to enter Windows PE system (you can enter BOIS system to adjust boot order referred to the instruction of your computer or your motherboard). The above picture is what you can see when enter Windows PE.

Features of AOMEI Windows Preinstallation Environment PE Builder

Table of Contents

AOMEI PE Builder brings you a user-friendly graphical interface and a familiar Windows environment, including desktop, Windows explorer, start menu, taskbar.

AOMEI Windows PE boot media contains other three AOMEI software. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard – a hard disk partition manager, which brings you the most complete and excellent functions of hard drive partitioning, such as create, resize, merge, split, align, copy partitions and more. AOMEI Backupper Standard – the simplest free pc backup software, which enables you create a system image backup, back up hard disk or specified partitions, and back up individual files & folders. AOMEI OneKey Recovery, which enables you create a factory restore partition and one key backup system for computers.

System requirements to install AOMEI Windows Preinstallation Environment PE Builder

Windows 7/8/8.1 and Server 2008 R2/2012 R2

AOMEI Windows Preinstallation Environment PE Builder download link:

Software version: 1.5
Publisher: AOMEI


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Editors Review: AOMEI PE Builder is a practical and dead easy tool to create rescue media which certainly worthy a try.

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