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July 25, 2022

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Almost every ground-breaking invention ensured a great income for their inventors, but in recent years it seems like coming up with some unique idea is much more challenging. There are so many new inventions, and the majority of them are related to technology and the digital world.

When the first apps appeared they had a long way to come to become the essential elements of every electronic device. Today, you can’t imagine a smartphone without at least a couple of basic apps, including social media, a GPS app, or a web browser. It’s not surprising that the inventors of social media are now multimillionaires because of the success of these platforms. Have you ever wondered, however, what other apps and platforms have made their inventors rich? Some of them might be quite unexpected.

App Software Ideas That Made Their Inventors Rich


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The idea to share a car is getting more and more popular in recent years for a few reasons, which clearly explains the Forbes article. We try to be more eco-friendly, the prices of gas are getting too high, the traffic is intolerable, and getting stuck in a car for a few hours on your own might be a nightmare for some people. That’s why the idea to create an app that will help people share any vehicle to commute or simply move from one place to another has become a source of great profit for many. The well-known and the largest, most profitable app for transportation is, for the moment, Uber. It operates in numerous countries in the majority of big cities and towns. Uber started with the idea of sharing a car and splitting the cost of commuting and then developed into a new level of taxi service.

Online Games

A few years back not many people were interested in online games, offered on various websites and apps. Currently, however, almost every smartphone owner has at least one app with video games on their device. They are no longer considered suspicious, low-quality, or dull. Apps with online games can now compete with the well-known, traditional versions of video games in terms of quality and storyline. One of the most surprising developments is probably in the field of online gambling. Now, people can safely play, bet and win real money from every place in the world, they only need to choose secure casinos from sites like VegasSlotsOnline, which offers in-depth assessments of the best operators. The quality of experience is comparable to that in real-life casinos, and the money you can win is equally real. As a result, the number of players is constantly growing, and such platforms are gaining extraordinary popularity.


Among these surprising types of apps that are growing in popularity are the ones devoted to meditation. However, when you think about it, it’s not that shocking, as the modern world is full of stressful situations and constant rush. People need something that will help them relax, unwind, calm down their minds and get back on the right track. One of the first apps designed to help people meditate was the one called Calm which focuses on self-care. It guides people through the process of meditation and helps them sleep better. On the wave of meditation, a couple of new similar apps were developed, and we will probably see a lot more of them in the near future.

Top Apps of Various Categories

There are apps for everything, and it’s not surprising to anyone that you can find an app for dating, shopping, working out, studying, or anything else. It really takes a lot of creativity, genius ideas, and time to come up with a completely new project now. Let’s take a look at the top apps from various categories that made their inventors rich.

When it comes to dating apps, the top one seems to be, as for now, Bumble. It was created by a co-founder of Tinder, and this version of the dating app was supposed to be more female-oriented. The creator of Bumble is worth more than $290 million.

The sector of eCommerce is definitely a fast-growing one and the apps devoted to buying and selling online are springing up like mushrooms. The most profitable one, however, seems to be Shopify, which made its creator worth more than 3 billion US dollars. If you want to know more about the worth of other rich app creators, the Appypie article sums it all up.

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