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November 20, 2020

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It is undeniable that mobile app marketing continuously grows. In 2019 alone, over 204 billion mobile apps were downloaded.

However, the popularity of mobile apps could also mean fierce competition. More so, if you are new to the scene.

If you want to stand out from the rest of the pack, that would mean working with a top advertising agency to promote your app. Another is to practice app store optimization (ASO).

In this post, we will walk you through the eight useful ASO tips on how you can promote your mobile app: 

1. Use Social Media

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Releasing your app on social media helps bring in many exciting users that will first use your app. 

You can use it to entertain your audience and followers with useful and highly informative content. You can share trending topics and engaging infographics.

Social media is also a great platform that you can use to catch up with users, getting feedback from them, and then rolling out essential updates. 

2. Partner with Influencers

A lot of marketing experts and brand owners already know how powerful influencers are. They are trendsetters who garners thousands, if not millions of online followers.

But it would be best if you were careful when it comes to reaching out to influencers. Only present content relevant to them and their target audience.

Sure, you can provide monetary compensation in exchange for online promotions. But make sure to partner with influencers who can bring value to your mobile app business.

3. Consider Search Ads

When Apple launched iOS 10, they introduced Search Ads, like a paid advertisement within your App Store.

You could bid for relevant keywords so that when a user searches for apps that use a particular term, they will first see your app. 

According to Adweek’s data, 50% of consumers click on the ads they see, making it highly effective. 

4. Create a Teaser Page

Before launching, it is also best to come up with a teaser page on your site. 

Showcase teasers about your app, as well as what kind of service it delivers. You might even be lucky to come across users that will want to sign up on your email list. 

5. Conduct Keyword Research

If you want your app to be easy to find, then you should conduct keyword research. 

It would be best if you devoted your time looking for highly targeted keywords in your app profile.

Ideally, these will be words that a typical user will type on the search box while looking for an app that’s quite the same as yours. 

6. Leverage Your Mobile Site

If you have a fully functional and mobile-friendly site, your site is a great asset to promote your app. 

That way, it will be easier for people interested in your app and what you have to offer to find your app. 

You might also place your app in a section of your site, which is meant to feature your app exclusively. This could be in the screen’s corner or right in the middle of the web page.

As an alternative, you can also have a pop-up page display that will show up when a person visits your site. 

7. Come Up with a Demo Video

These days, marketing mainly revolves around video. According to Hubspot, 54% of customers prefer to see more video content on the brands that they love. 

One way to stand out from the crowd is to release a 30-second video about your app. The video should showcase how people benefit from your app. And then promote it through your various online channels.

8. Start a Blog

Apart from placing your app on your website, creating regular blog posts is another marketing strategy you can use. 

You can come up with a blog post that mostly talks about your app. And then include a call-to-action right at the end of the post. This is to entice more people to download your app. 

You can write a complete story about your app, letting your audience know why you wanted to create an app in the first place. 

Use that opportunity to let them know how that app can benefit them in the long run. You might also want to include screenshots, app links, and videos to educate them more. 

In the same way, you can also get bloggers or influencers in your niche to create hype around your blog. 

Final Thoughts

Creating a successful app takes a lot of hard work, grit, and drive to succeed. That’s why building a strong app marketing strategy is essential. 

To recap, here are eight useful ASO tips you need to know:

  1. Use social media
  2. Partner with influencers
  3. Consider search ads
  4. Create a teaser page
  5. Conduct keyword research
  6. Leverage your mobile site
  7. Come up with a demo video
  8. Start a blog

Using the tips and techniques that we have mentioned in this post, you can make the necessary changes in your existing marketing plan. That way, you will be able to see what and what does not work for you.

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