Apple Finally Admits Microsoft Was Right About Tablets

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Apple Finally Admits Microsoft Was Right About Tablets

For the last ten years, representatives at Apple have been belittling Microsoft, and it’s bulky yet user-friendly notepads. After a decade of market testing, Apple has finally decided to drop the ego and come up with keyboard and mouse enabled iPads.

Tech enthusiasts are fully aware of this fact, and they appreciate the change. However, I see mixed reactions from both sets of fans.

iPad lovers will no longer resort to using Windows PCs. Microsoft’s Surface Pro was supposed to be the answer to Apple’s iPad. The Surface Pro may not be as feature-rich as an iPad, but it comes with a facility to attach external devices like keyboards and mouse.

Business professionals, travelers, and digital nomads prefer to have compact computers for work. This is where Surface Pro had the upper hand over the iPad. 

Comparison Between the New Keyboard-Enabled Ipad and Surface Pro

Having said that, every Apple and Microsoft manufactured device user knows very well that there is no competition between the two when it comes to quality, durability, and versatility. Apple is way ahead of the curve.

Hence, Surface Pro users are waiting to see how Apple tackles the common problems faced by them. When you take into account it’s the price; Surface Pro is a decent device. But there are some shortcomings as well.

For instance, compared to an iPad, the battery life of Surface Pro is very low. Also, the Surface Pro comes with eMMC-based storage–which is not as efficient as iPad’s flash memory soldered right on the chipset.

Surface Pro does come with a thin keyboard, but did you know that it is too thin to be kept on the lap. It can only be used on a solid surface like a desk or a table. 

What Do People Think-Some Interesting Tweets on This Matter

Rajarshi Aich@raj_aich, a tech enthusiast from Delhi, India writes:

It is not because #iPad have not been successful, it is because Apple couldn’t or wouldn’t innovate further to a point that the next best choice like #Windows10 on a tablet cum laptop seems more sensible. Innovation requires a radical change in thinking that #Apple has completely lost.

Daniel Montecillo@leggendario12, an entrepreneur and a Full Stack Python Developer from Calgary, Alberta says:

Only because Steve Jobs is no longer around. Seriously, I have the feeling that Apple has lost its way. Where is the laser-like focus?

David@davidTechFr, a loyal Apple customer is siding with Apple on this matter. He thinks:

Fully disagree 
Microsoft would be right only when MacBook will have a touchscreen 
So far iPad Pro, even with a magic keyboard, is still more an iPad than a Surface