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January 24, 2020

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Apple Will Reportedly Release an iPhone

One of the best predictors of Apple products, Ming-Chi Kuo, a Taiwanese national has released a statement on his website 9To5Mac saying Apple will release an iPhone without any ports in 2021. This news may not be shocking amid technological breakthroughs being reported everywhere, but will certainly interest those of the Apple persuasion.

 More on Ming’s statement, he also said Apple will be releasing four new OLED iPhone models in 2020 and an iPhone without a Lightning port in 2021. He also added the new portless iPhone won’t have any lightning ports– like the ones in current Apple phones. Apple is planning to implement this change, first with the high-end pricey models and will gradually make its other models portless.

To be specific, Ming is talking about the upgrade of the current Apple phone iPhone SE 2; which he calls “iPhone SE 2 Plus”. Furthermore, the portless iPhone will also come without a home button and the screen size is estimated somewhere between 5.5-6-1 inch. These are the details Ming posted on his site. 

Along with his predictions about the newer model of iPhone SE 2, he also believes that Apple is working on bringing touch identification technology to its devices. After this news, small scale manufacturers of lightning cables, charging cables and other data transfer cables are in a shock and beginning to doubt Mings predictions. Only time will tell how accurate Ming’s predictions are.

Who is Ming-Chi Kuo? Why is he one of the world’s accurate Apple analysts?

Apple Will Reportedly Release an iPhone

Ming-Chi Kuo is a tech analyst currently working for a Taiwanese firm TF International Securities. His Linkedin Profile says he also worked for another data analytics company KGI Securities (Till May 2018). Apple and its products have always been Ming’s focus. His predictions have allowed distributors and vendors to make profitable decisions. 

Especially since 2011, when he came out of nowhere and made some accurate predictions. No one knows where he gets his intel from. Does he have a friend working in Apple? Or is he paying someone to leak crucial information? We don’t know. But we sure have a lot of interesting stuff to write about Ming and his forecasts.

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