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In the changing world ability to find a well-paid stable job is priceless. More people than ever now want to have a specialized IT education. Not just coding, but coding, AI education related to a particular field. The more specialized the field is, the more difficult are the programming home tasks. In case you have already faced this problem, we offer an ultimate solution — addressing a quality service that will help you even with the most difficult programming homework. 

AssignmentCore is a reputable service with an innovative approach and a prospective team of coding specialists and tutors. We’ve answered the most common questions students ask when looking for a company like this one.

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How to use AssignmentCore?

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AssignmentCore unites the best of two major online systems. The first one is the system used by writing services. You place an order, pay some fixed price, and a support manager assigns some experienced writer to deal with your paper on time. The second system is a system of freelance platforms, like Upwork. Here, you post your order, and potential writers/marketers/bloggers/programming specialists bid with their offers. AssignmentCore uses the bidding system, as it is much more beneficial for clients in terms of price and more transparent, as you can choose the most appealing specialist. However, this system is much better than a classical freelance platform system, as all the programmers are proven experts, hired, and tested by a professional team.

Which specialists can I hire at this service?

Right now, AssignmentCore covers more than 15 programming languages: MATLAB, Python, Ruby, C++, C#, PHP, Java, and others. They also promise to add some extra services in the nearest time. Also, if you don’t want someone to do your programming homework for you, you can hire a tutor to strengthen your coding skills. When choosing a specialist, you see his or her rating. Don’t be afraid that your task is too complicated to ask for help online. Even when the deadline is annoyingly close, here, you will find a fitting expert.


Is it expensive to order programming homework here?

A bidding system is the most transparent and fair system that can be possibly applied to the coding assignments. We cannot tell you how much exactly your order will be, because it depends on many factors, one of which is the deadline. The works of higher levels are more expensive, but you can make the price lower if the order is interesting, and there are many bidders willing to work with it.

Is it a legitimate service?

Absolutely. They use all online safety protocols. They work as a group of consultants. Each order is a small contract guaranteed by the strict inner policies AssignmentCore develops. If you have some concerns about the process or payment, address a support team manager and get all the things straight. However, we, like many other real clients, made several orders with this service, and the result, as well as the process, was flawless. You should also know that every hired programming specialist signs a very strict NDA. One more point ahead of any freelance platform out there. 

How long will it take to get my programming assignment done?

We don’t want to talk big, but the terms even for the most complicated papers are rather impressive. Some assignments are finished in hours, but for that you have to make sure you formulate your task very clearly, so the programming specialist doesn’t have extra questions and just does his job promptly.

What if something goes wrong?

AssignmentCore management encourages clients and hired specialists to resolve conflicts with mutual trust and respect, but in cases, it is not possible, you can address a support team for assistance. However, we haven’t yet found any report about the unresolved case, or a case resolved with a loss for a client.


It goes without saying that if you want to have a proper education and build a career in the IT-sphere, it is better to deal with most of your assignments on your own. However, when you feel stuck, when you can’t proceed, and your academic progress is threatened by a scarily close deadline, it is better to address a professional service to help you out. It is just one of those means which you use to move forward and succeed.

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