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October 26, 2021

Best 5 Python Courses 2021 for College Students
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Many students are studying technology in classes and some are pursuing a career in website development as well as software development. When studying for a degree, Python courses will be essential. This is a programming language that is used all over the world and it is relatively easy to learn. Many accountants and scientists also use this programming for everyday tasks that can include organizing finances.

Writing programs will be a necessary task for those in college who are studying programming, data analysis, and software or web development. Here, we take a look at the best online Python course options that are offered to students and provide details on each. With these great courses, you can master this language and improve your education while learning an essential skill that can help in your future career.

Introduction to Python Programming

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A great course for beginners is Introduction to Python Programming. This online course will teach students about the basics of the programming language and how to store data using Python. Coursework also teaches how to define specific functions, write scripts, and handle any errors. The key topics that will be covered in this course include:

· Why you should learn this programming language

· Operators and date types

· Control flow

· Using functions

· Set up environments with Python 3

· Write a sample Python program

Lasting around 5 weeks, this is a free course that can be accessed online, making it a perfect choice for any student on a budget that wants to get started training. It offers self-paced learning and is complete with quizzes and a supportive community. This class is taught by professionals that have years of experience and you can also benefit from career services as well as job assistance.

Python for Everybody Specialization

Another beginner class that is available is Python for Everybody Specialization. With this, you will learn the basics of being a programmer using the language of Python. With basic concepts covered, you can easily complete this course while maintaining grades in other areas of study. While mastering this language is required for any programmer, you will also need other classes such as mathematics and sciences. If you find you need any online help with these subjects, Edubirdie can help. You can get professionals to help write your assignments to complete coursework in time. 

When studying Python, it is important not to let other subjects fall behind. You will need a well-rounded education to pursue a programming career. This Python for Everybody Specialization class is just one of the great options in 2021 and will last for approximately 8 months, with all coursework being completed online.

Complete Python Masterclass

This is an easy-to-learn course for anyone just starting to discover programming. It is designed for those that have no computer programming experience as well as those that are exiting programmers that are seeking to further their education or meet career goals. When you complete this class online, you will have a complete understanding of how Python works and the many benefits it offers.

Key topics that are covered here include a fundamental understanding of the language, object-oriented programming, creating unique programs, and using Python 2 and 3. The class is presented in video format and lasts 57 hours. You can access materials on any TV or mobile device and can read through 16 articles while making use of 14 different resources that can be downloaded. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate.

Python Essential Training

If you are seeking an advanced course, Python Essential Training is one worth looking at. This will help you write effective scripts and you will be able to master the use of Python 3 when creating new scripts and projects. This full Python course covers everything from language syntax to using control functions.

While it is a short class lasting just under 5 hours, you will be certified and will have a complete understanding of coding on a Python platform. You will also learn how to script Audacity Python 3 as well as learning how to work with strings, create classes, and define all functions. This certificate course is offered by LinkedIn and is free from any charges.

Using Python for Research

Those with programming experience as well as grad students will benefit from Using Python for Research, an advanced course that can bridge any gap between beginner and advanced courses. Here, you will review the concepts of Python 3 and find out how to use tools for research settings. There is also a module that focuses on statistical learning. Anyone that is studying this programming language will want to complete this in-depth class and master new skills that can help you become a Python expert.

A self-paced program, Using Python for Research is taught with videos and written material. There are quizzes and feedback from professionals as well as specific programming assignments that will assess skills and knowledge. The benefit of this great course is that it is completely free and only takes 12 weeks to complete.


Whether your career goals are to become a data analyst or even a software developer, programming courses will be a requirement. This language is quickly becoming one of the top used programming languages worldwide and many leading companies are using this on their platforms. While it is simple to learn, it can take time to master. With these online classes, students will have the opportunity to learn all about programming and will have the ability to put their skills to use. One perk is that many of these are completely free!

With many online learning resources, you will have no trouble finding courses that focus on this language. Get a jump start on your tech career by using any of the best classes in 2021 to learn the basics or enhance your current programming skills. 

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