4 Best Astrology Apps for Apple Users

Best Astrology Apps
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While no one can predict what is going to happen next with exact details, many people do believe in getting a heads-up even if it is in a broader sense. It is also fun to see what we have in store for us and to compare past predictions to see how accurate they were. Here are some of the best apps created for iOS to let the users dabble into astrology.

1. Co-Star Personalized Astrology

While reading the horoscopes based on our sun signs is fun, it is often generic that fits everyone who was born in that particular month. Co-Star personalizes your astrology experience by using the sky map of the exact time and place of your birth. They also use NASA’s data to track the planet’s current movements to get you a more accurate reading. 

How it works is that an AI complies with all the data about the moments of the moon, other solar system planets, and how the 12 zodiac houses represent and/or affect different parts of your life. This data is then used to present you with a hyper-personalized horoscope. 

2. The DailyHoroscope

The DailyHoroscope is one of the most popular horoscope apps out there because of its accuracy. I would have talked about it first, but I find personalization more fascinating.

You can receive daily updates about your daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope, making it a much more preparedness friendly app. You also get zodiac sign compatibility and zodiac characteristics for each zodiac sign.

If you like to branch out, then you get to check Chinese horoscopes and Druid horoscopes as well. 

3. TimePassages

Along with getting a daily horoscope, you get a lot of additional information. The name of the app is telling, really. You can keep track of the passing time along with how the Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising sign affect your life. 

Not only that, but you can also get a detailed description of the house position for the sun and moon in your chart. There are paid services under which you can also compare your birth chart with the current transits. 

The accuracy of the app is up to the par because it uses your default location or your phone’s GPS to chart the current position and present current astrology up to the very minute.

4. Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone

One of the astrology apps to bring you the human touch. This app is actually backed by an astrologer instead of letting the software do the work. Susan Miller is the world-renowned astrologer who predicts the astrological forecasts.

Through the free version, you can have access to all the past, present, and future horoscopes. You can get daily as well as monthly horoscopes. There’s a key dates section that lets you know the best days for initiating something. The premium version lets you get a weekly prediction on every Sunday.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best astrology apps that you can use on your Apple devices. Make sure to use them just as guides rather than be-all-end-all. Let me know what other apps you have tried and how strongly do you believe in horoscopes in the comment section below.