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Are you confused with the new Facebook privacy settings? Do you want a stable website from where you can download Facebook videos from? Because we have just the site for you. Not just one or two but a carefully curated website for the most efficient Facebook video downloader so that you can enjoy the kind of content you want.

1. RapidVideoDownloader

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This is one of the most efficient video downloaders available. You can download any video you want on Facebook through this website. It is also a time saver as it’s quite fast. The most amazing feature of this download is that it’s very popular with the younger generation as it allows you to resist censorship, it does that by backing up or re-uploading Facebook videos. Most browsers support it. No wonder why it’s made it to the top of our list.


This is a great online tool that allows you to download Fb videos. It even has an extension for chrome. The interface is quite neat and just like most video downloaders you just have to copy the link and then paste it in the input box of its home page, voila your download is done. This website is known to be compatible with most devices and browsers. It also allows you to download APK files. It also doesn’t track the download history so your anonymity stays sacred. It allows you to download videos from Facebook without any restrictions.

3. FBVideoSaver

Another amazing video downloader is  FbVideoSaver it is one of the best ones out there yet. It is quite reliable and extremely safe for downloading Facebook videos. It has additional plugins for your PC and the process of downloading is quite straightforward as well. All you have to do is copy the link of the video from Facebook, paste it in the input box at the site’s homepage and click download. The file gets saved in MP4 format. The process is quite fast. This platform also doesn’t ask you to subscribe or pay. SD and  HD quality resolution is supported by this site, so you can download the video in its clearest print. Overall it’s a winner 

4. iLoader

This is another accessible downloader for Facebook videos, This website doesn’t need to subscribe or download anything. You just have to copy the URL from Facebook of the video you desire to download, go to the homepage, put it there, and as soon as you click download you are done. iLoader is compatible with iPhones, android, windows as well as Mac. You can also download videos that are private in MP4 format. It also has a mobile app as well as an extension for the browser. You have the option to download live videos and the resolution it offers is in both SD and HD.


This is another free tool that has a user-friendly interface and does its bit very smoothly. All you need to do is copy the link and paste the same URL on the input box and click download. It also converts the files into MP4 formats. It also happens to be a safe site to use. It doesn’t entertain any copyrighted or content that has been pirated on its servers. It isn’t unable to track what you are downloading. 


This tool is one of the easiest websites for you to download free Facebook videos. You can download private videos or the ones that are being live-streamed. The download happens in minutes and this platform is completely free. It is also compatible with most browsers. The compatibility of this also exceeds devices. The way to download is also quite refreshingly easy. All you have to do is copy the Facebook link of the video that you want, paste the link in the input box. Then download, after which it gets saved on your phone or PC. This one also has a chrome extension. It’s a very safe platform as it doesn’t bother to save any of its user’s history.


The content creation of Facebook has been quite unique hence it’s been a journey to see how well this giant will evolve and even though some censorship and privacy laws are stagnant you always have options to resist them and enjoy the content you wish to watch.

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