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Are you looking for glasses friendly gaming headset? 

Most glasses wearers struggle with the regular headsets as they do not offer the room to accommodate the arms of the eye frame. Also, the clamp-on pressure put on by the headband can crush or squeeze their eye frame. The eye frame can get disfigured if the glasses wearer continues to use a regular headset not meant for them. This is why a wireless gaming headset is usually the way to go.

Best Gaming Headsets for Glasses Wearers

Table of Contents

1. Turtle Beach Stealth 600

Best Overall 

For an overall great gaming experience, the computer or console peripherals you use must be top-notch. For professional or even hobbyist gamers, the headset should offer comfort, convenience, and satisfaction. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is designed for gamers who wear spectacles. 

Moreover, it is 100 percent wireless. This means you can change your seating position without having to deal with twisted or tangled cables. This product comes with a wireless USB adapter that gets plugged into the system. 

Whether you have a PC, PS4, or Nintendo Switch, this device offers seamless wireless audio. The advanced technology used in this device removes latency and other sound distortions—no need to compromise on the sound quality.

The USD adapter is equipped with the Smart Channel Hopping Technology. Instead of sending the information via a single frequency band, it is sent via a rapidly changing carrier frequency. The changes are made by the controller itself. Further, the Superhuman Hearing sound setting lets you hear even the slightest modulations in the audio.   

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is Suitable For - 

It works great for people who wear spectacles or goggles. For total comfort, the earcups are wrapped around with breathable mesh fabric. If you are one of those people who love to pull all-nighters playing video games, then this is the perfect headset for you. It removes pressure on your glasses, so they don’t get damaged or disfigured.


  • It fits perfectly on people with different head sizes.
  • The wireless USB adapter uses Smart channel-hopping Technology.
  • You can detect even the slightest shift in volume or tone by enabling the Superhuman Hearing feature. 
  • Great sound quality with the powerful 50-millimeter speakers.


  • They are not super loud. It can be a problem for some gamers.
  • The cups are oval-shaped and fail to wrap around a round-shaped large ear.
  • The charging cord should be longer.

2. HyperX Cloud Flight

Best Overall Runner-Up

Cloud Flight from HyperX comes with all the characteristics a spectacles wearer desires to have in a headset. Whether your passion is gaming, watching a movie, or listening to music, this product will serve you well. 

When purchasing a headset specifically for a spectacles wearer, it is crucial to consider features that helps them stay comfortable, sharp, and distraction-free. Aesthetics may or may not be in the priority list.

However, HyperX is also quite attentive to the appearance of its devices--the product does come with a matte finish instead of the shiny, plasticky shine. In addition, it offers a gaming-grade 2.4GHz wireless connection. 

You do not have to worry about cables getting intertwined during gaming tournaments. The 90-degree rotating ear cups make it easy for a glasses wearer to adjust the headset as per the size and shape of their eye frame.

HyperX Cloud Flight is Suitable For - 

HyperX Cloud Flight is suitable for gamers who wear glasses or goggles while gaming. It is common for professional gamers to feel strain in their eyes as the tournaments can sometimes last for hours. This headset allows them to wear prescribed glasses without worrying about itching or discomfort caused by the audio device.


  • Matte finish as opposed to a cheap-looking high gloss.
  • 30 hours of battery life.
  • PC, PS4, and PS4 Pro ready.
  • 90-degree rotating ear cups for added comfort.
  • Highly recommended by gamers who wear glasses.


  • The sound quality may suffer when used 20 meters apart.
  • No software is included in the package.
  • The price is a bit higher. Student gamers may not be able to afford it.

Beyerdynamic GmbH & Co is a German headset manufacturer. Along with other amazing German headset brands, Beyerdynamic has been at the forefront when it comes to research and development of audio equipment. 

The DT 770 Pro headset has been used and reviewed by millions of gamers worldwide. They come with full resolution, so a gamer can hear almost every little sound generated by the system. 

Furthermore, these headsets are used by the world's top musicians, sound technicians, and podcast producers. The size and shape of the DT 770 Pro make them suitable for gaming as well. 

Gamers with glasses tend to get distracted by bulky and uncomfortable devices. This headset comes with a spring steel headband, which ensures additional comfort. The headband does not press hard against the head.  

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro is Suitable For -

This headset is suitable for gamers who have bigger, circular, and protruding ears. Your eye frame will retain their shape even after wearing this headset for long durations. Having said that, even people with regular ear size can use this headset without any compromises. This is a quality product. 


  • Round-shaped earcups. It fits all ear shapes and sizes.
  • 32 Ohm impedance allows you to hear even the slightest of the sound variations.
  • They also give great results on smartphones and tablets.
  • High performance, durable and robust.
  • Glove-soft earcups. Very comfortable and cozy.
  • Although they are wired, they support freedom of movement.


  • No removable wire. Not enabled with bluetooth or wifi.
  • Not great for listening to hard rock music. 
  • Decent material, but not as great as DT 880 Pro and DT 990 Pro.

4. Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Best Value Runner-Up

Bose is America’s top audio equipment manufacturing company. Bose is famous among the gaming community for coming up with sophisticated, trendy, and timeless audio devices. The Bose QuietComfort 35 II lasts longer than any other headsets. 

Furthermore, the headbands are designed in a way to accommodate your ear frames. No matter how big or small your head size is, there will always be enough space left between the headbands and your head. The sides of your eye frame can slide right between the gap, and you won’t even know that they are there.

In addition to that, Bose has put a lot of effort into the aesthetics of this headset. They come in black, silver, and rose gold colors. I would also like to acknowledge the fact that music lovers usually use these headsets. 

Unlike a typical gaming headset, it does not come with flashy colors, LED lighting, or a boom microphone. But it offers everything that glasses wearers would desire in a headset.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II is Suitable For -

It should be noted that the Bose QuietComfort 35 II are noise-canceling headphones. If you stay near a busy street or you have noisy neighbors, you must find a solution quickly. Bose QuietComfort 35 II lets you focus your attention on the task at hand.

Whether you are gaming, getting work done, trying to finish your homework, or watching a movie, the Bose QuietComfort 35 II will not let external noise come in your way.


  • It comes with the Bose Connect app and benefits those who play games on their smartphones or tablets.
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life.
  • Fully wireless.
  • Enabled by Amazon Alexa.
  • It comes with a noise-rejecting dual-microphone system.
  • Great sound quality.


  • High price.
  • Bluetooth software for PCs can be improved. There are a few bugs.
  • Amazon Alexa is not built-in. You need to download and install the firmware. 

5. Logitech G533

Best Budget

Logitech is a reputed audio device manufacturer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its products are famous for being high performance, good quality, and, most importantly, affordable. 

The company has been around for years, and the Logitech G533 is well-tested, reviewed, and used by millions of gamers worldwide. You do not have to worry about the efficacy of this product.

Furthermore, this product is 100 percent wireless. It is enabled with Bluetooth and Wifi. The engineers at Logitech have made sure that the audio is transmitted without any loss or latency. The sound quality and performance of this device are fantastic when used within 15 meters from the system. 

Glasses wearers will relish using this headset as it comes with on-ear volume and mute controls. There is a tiny button on the left headset, which can be used to adjust volume or mute and unmute. You don’t have to take off the headset to handle the volume control. Neither does the volume button interfere with the earpiece or temple tip of the eye frame.

Logitech G533 is Suitable For -

The Logitech G533 is suitable for those who use Windows PCs. This headset does support game consoles like PS4, Nintendo, and Xbox One, but when used with consoles, the user does not have total control over its settings. 

By installing the Logitech Gaming Software on your Windows PC, you can get access to the Custom Sound Profiles settings.


  • X 7.1 Surround Sound enables a gamer with the positional sense. Just by hearing the footsteps, a gamer comes to know which direction the enemy is coming from.
  • Amazing sound quality and high performance.
  • On-ear volume and mute controls.
  • Low pressure on your frames. 


  • The quality of the material can be improved. The plastic feels a bit cheap.
  • The red mute light on the volume control button is too dim.
  • The earcups are made from fiber. They are not as comfortable as the leather ones.

6. Sennheiser Urbanite XL

Best Budget Runner-Up

Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co is a German computer headset company. For the last seven decades, this company has maintained the quality and precision of its audio devices. They have a wide range of high fidelity products. 

The Sennheiser Urbanite XL comes with round ear cups suitable for people with varying ear sizes. This product is designed in a way to make your ears love it. It offers the right amount of base and gives you a chance to choose from a wide range of frequencies. Similar to Bose QuietComfort 35 II, this product has plenty of room for the sides of the eye frames to fit in. 

Furthermore, this is not a wireless device. So, there is no question of loss of quality during transmission or latency. The wire can be detached and comes with a 3-button remote control. The detachable cable makes it easy to travel with this headset. Simply fold it and take it anywhere you want.

Sennheiser Urbanite XL is Suitable For -

Not everyone can settle for a lousy-fitting, poor sound quality, and no-name brand headset. People love Sennheiser Urbanite XL for its aesthetics. This product comes with stainless steel hinges and aluminum ear cup sliders. No cheap ABS plastic used. 

You should also know that gaming headset companies usually do not design their products for spectacles wearers. Hence, you have to settle for general headsets with features similar to a typical gaming headset. 


  • Detachable wire with 3-button remote control and integrated microphone.
  • The cable gets attached to the outer end of the ear cup—no interference with the earpiece or temple tip of the eye frame.
  • Visually appealing. 
  • The headband is padded on its outer side. The soft fabric adds to the comfort. 


  • No Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity. This device is wired.
  • Clamp pressure is as tight as it should be. Some spectacles wearers can have a problem with this.
  • The cable should be a foot longer.

7. Onikuma Gaming Headset

Best Affordable

It is not easy to find gaming headsets built specifically for glasses wearers, especially at an affordable price. This wired audio device can be used with PC, Mac, PS4, or Xbox One. 

The manufacturers also suggest that this device offers a surrounding stereo sound field good enough for games like God of War, Guardians, Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, and Halo 5. 

Onikuma also confirms that their research team had tested several gaming headsets before they designed this one. Testing allowed them to get rid of all the commonly faced comfort-related issues by gamers (not necessarily glass wearers but gamers in general). Hence, this product is enabled with soft protein padding and flexible closed-back fit.

Onikuma Gaming Headset is Suitable For -

Not everyone can afford to spend $100 on gaming headsets. Maybe you are a student or a newbie gamer, and you want a low-cost yet feature-rich gaming headset. In such a situation, this product by Onikuma is worth a try. It’s indeed wired and a bit bulky, but there is no compromise on sound quality or comfortability.


  • Compatible with multiple platforms.
  • Noise-canceling boom microphone. 
  • Low price but no compromise on quality. 
  • Skin-friendly and breathable ear cups.
  • The inner side of the headband is soft-padded—no sweating or irritation around the head region.


  • The headset is made from ABS plastic. 
  • The quality of the boom microphone is good enough for gaming and streaming but not for recording vlogs.
  • Not enough noise cancellation. The ear cups are too soft to insulate the sound.

How Can I Make My Headphones More Comfortable With Glasses?

When wearing a headset with glasses on, most gamers complain of soreness in the back of their ears (temple region). The soreness is a result of the high pressure exerted by the headbands on the sides of the eye frame. 

It makes total sense for a headset not designed for glasses wearers to have enough pressure to clamp the ears together. Such should not be the case with headsets intended for spectacles wearers. 

Here are a few tips to help you make the gaming experience more comforting while wearing glasses:

1) Let Your Ears Rest Inbetween Gaming Sessions

Whether you are using a regular headset or a headset designed for glasses wearers, the clamping of ears can hinder the circulation of blood in that region. Although a headset with low clamp-on pressure helps prolong its usage, it is still important to pause for a while and let the ears breath.

Ideally, you should take off your headsets once every 2-3 hours while gaming for extended periods. Gently massage the ears with your hands. Doing this will make wearing headphones a lot more comfortable with eyeglasses.

2) Choose Eye Frame With Thin Arms

If you are unable to ease the discomfort caused due to wearing headphones on top of your glasses, I would recommend you to inspect the thickness of the arms of your eyeglasses. 

Also, have a look at the earbud or temple tip (sometimes it gets worn out and begins to hurt the skin). If the arms of your eyeglasses are too thick, it would be beneficial to change your glasses altogether. Get a new one with thin arms and a smooth temple tip.

3) Make Some Adjustments

Generally speaking, people with varying head-sizes do use gaming headphones without any issues. Although, sometimes, they just have to make some simple adjustments with the headphones to make things more comfortable. 

Shift the position of the ear cup, so your ear fits right inside the space. Never let the ear cup rest on top of your ear. If the ear cup is too small, simply get a new headphone with bigger and circular-shaped ear cups.

What Gaming Headsets Do Pro Gamers Use?

When shopping for a headphone, pro gamers look for a few key features that can enhance their gaming experience and improve their performance. The typical features like surround sound, additional audio drivers, a unidirectional microphone, comfortable and circular-shaped ear cups, etc. are not present in a regular headphone. 

“Elimination of crosstalk” is another biggest determinant gamers consider while picking a headphone. The sound meant for the right ear should not be heard in the left ear and vice-versa. This gives gamers a sense of direction. Noise-canceling headphones are perfect for reducing crosstalk caused by a sound leak.

Here are the gaming headphones pro gamer use:

  • HyperX Cloud Flight

  • Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

  • Turtle Beach Stealth 600

  • Sennheiser Urbanite XL

  • Onikuma Gaming Headset

What is the Best Headset for PC Gaming?

Logitech G533 works great with Windows PC. As I mentioned earlier, this headset is designed especially for gamers who use Windows PC for gaming purposes. 

While purchasing this product, you also get an option to add a wireless keyboard and mouse to the mix. When the Logitech G533 headsets are combined with the peripherals mentioned-above, you get next-gen wireless performance.

How Can I Make My Headphones More Comfortable?

It is rare to find a headphone that fits perfectly right out of the box. Generally speaking, it takes about 2-3 weeks for the headband and ear cups to reshape as per the size and structure of your head. 

However, in some cases, the headphones do not fit properly and continue to itch, clamp the ears, or make your ears sweat a lot. This is more likely to occur with people having unusually large or small head sizes.

Here are a few tips to help you make the gaming experience more comforting while wearing headsets:

1) Replace the Ear Cups

You should replace the ear cups only when the headphone warranty is over, or you like the device too much to part with it. By the way, most manufacturers do not give you your money back unless there is physical damage to the product. 

The ear cups are the most vulnerable part of a headphone. Most gamers replace ear cups every 6-8 months. They can easily be bought online.

2) Add Additional Cushioning to the Headband

Not all headphones come with a soft-padded headband (usually made with protein memory foam), some just have a bare plastic headband. Also, very few people are fans of headband with top cushioning. It is not comforting and hence doesn’t serve the purpose. 

So what do you do when you have a headphone with a padless headband? Or the memory foam has withered away with use? 

The answer is simple, purchase spare pads available online. Thankfully, the dimensions of a headband are generally the same in all headphones. Even if the padding does not fit the headband, you can always resize it with a pair of scissors. 

Furthermore, some DIYers prefer to make headband pads at home. If it sounds good and you have the raw materials, you can do the same.

3) Adjust the Clamp-On Pressure by Stretching or Bending the Headband

Stretching or bending the headband should be done with caution. You don’t want to break your perfectly good headphone in two pieces. If the headband is too tight or too loose, consider stretching or bending the headband a little bit each day. 

The headband is likely to break if it is made from cheap ABS plastic. On the other hand, metal headbands can be reshaped without any worries. 


The discomfort felt while wearing the headband on top of the eye frame can become unbearable if the arms of the frame are thick or old-fashioned. The gamer has to pause the game repeatedly and adjust the headband or the glasses. The entire experience can be frustrating and annoying--leading to low performance and premature fatigue.  

From the above list, Turtle Beach Stealth 600 goes well with thick or old-fashioned eye frames. Its affordability, durability, and sound quality makes it stand out from the rest. Also, unlike other headsets in the list, this product is designed for playing your favorite games on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and PS4 Pro. 

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