Best Streaming Headset for Gamers in 2020

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Most gamers fail to recognize the importance of a good quality streaming headset until they get knocked out of a tournament they deserve to win. When it comes to gaming, no matter how much you practice offline, you come to know the significance of having the right accessories only when you compete with other pro gamers.

Gamers these days are willing to go to any length to win. If adding a new accessory to their arsenal is going to give them a slight edge over others, they do it without hesitation. Functionally, there is a massive difference between a regular PC headset and a streaming headset.

As a pro gamer, you need to know precisely where the gunshots are coming from. A regular headset is not designed for this purpose. It will merely tell you that the enemy is approaching you. Also, the microphone in a regular headset is not suitable for professional gaming.

When conveying a message to your teammates online, you want them to be on the same page as you are. You want them to know if you are panicking, and things are not going as they should, or you are in a relaxed state when the game is totally under control. Let’s have a quick look at some of the best gaming headsets for streaming.

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Best Gaming Headsets for Streaming 

1. HyperX Cloud Flight

Best Overall

HyperX Cloud Flight is a wireless gaming headset with long battery life. The battery lasts for more than 30 hours. Even during long gaming sessions or major tournaments with many participants, you can carry this headset without bothering about having to charge it. To extend the battery life even further, you have an option to turn off the LEDs.

HyperX is a product division of Kingston Technology, one of the biggest tech companies in the United States. HyperX products always come well-packaged with all the necessary accessories in the same box.

The HyperX Cloud Flight gaming headset does not have a cheap-looking gloss finish. The matte finish puts this product in the Class-A category. Also, the headband is coated with soft and fluid-repellent memory foam.

Even during marathon gaming sessions, you will stay focused on the task at hand without getting distracted by discomfort. I’d also like to call your attention to the fact that the same high-grade memory foam is used in other premium gaming headsets by HyperX. There is no compromise in quality.

HyperX Cloud Flight is Suitable For – 

Being a wireless headset, the HyperX Cloud Flight does not come with any limitations. For instance, most gamers complain of loss of quality and a lack of precision in most wireless gaming headsets. Such is not the case with HyperX Cloud Flight. Hence, these headsets are best for pro gamers.

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  • The matte finish makes this headset appear stylish and distinct.
  • Great sound quality. Even at a 50 percent volume.
  • You can detach the microphone while watching movies or listening to music. 
  • Compatible with Windows PC, Xbox One, Mac, PS4 and PS4 Pro


  • No software included.
  • The headsets switch off after 30 minutes of inactivity. There is no way to change the settings.

2. Sennheiser Game One

Best Overall Runner-Up

Sennheiser is a Hanover-based firm famous for coming up with new and innovative solutions. This German company is at the top of its game for the last seven decades. When you buy a Sennheiser product, you know that you are going for quality and precision over price, although Sennheiser Game One is not that expensive.

Among other wired headsets, Game One is considered to be the best headset for PS4 and Xbox One. This headset comes with a 3.5 mm audio port. You can also enjoy movies, TV shows, and games on your smartphone and Tablets. Also, the lightweight design makes it possible to carry this product in your backpack.

Although the microphone is not detachable, it comes with a boom arm. You can lower it when in use and lift it when you don’t need it — it also gets muted the moment you lift it.

I have already talked about how important it is to hear clearly and accurately during gaming sessions (especially when competing). Sennheiser’s original transducer technology lets you hear every little detail of the game.

Sennheiser Game One is Suitable For – 

Game One is preferred by gamers who play first-person shooter (FPS) games. For a combat gamer, precision and accuracy are vital. By using a headset that amplifies the low-frequency sounds, you can add another dimension to your skillset. Also, the mid and high-frequency sounds are crystal clear.

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  • GAME ONE is compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation.
  • Mic quality is excellent. 
  • The plush velvet ear cups let your ears breathe freely.
  • One of the best for streaming games on Twitch and YouTube.
  • The braided cord is durable and robust. The cable does not wither or fall apart due to rough use. 


  • You cannot enjoy wireless gaming.
  • The microphone is fixed. 
  • The headset is lightweight but appears bulky. 

3. Corsair HS70

Best Value

Corsair is a computer peripherals manufacturer and designer based in Neuchatel, Switzerland. This Swiss brand is very famous among the gaming community. Be it keyboards, PC cases, or gaming headsets; they come up with some outstanding products. Corsair HS70 is a wireless gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound.

The affordability, durability, and utility of Corsair HS70 make it one of the most valuable wireless gaming headsets out there.

Compared to HyperX Cloud Flight, the battery life of this wireless gaming headset is not up to mark. However, in this price range, there is no other product offering more than 16 hours of battery life. By the way, the battery life can easily be improved by lowering the volume.

The headband is coated with plush memory foam. You can easily use these headsets the entire day without feeling any discomfort in the head region. As far as ears are concerned, the ear cups are adjustable so you can set it according to the shape and size of your ear.

Besides, the product also comes with on-ear volume control, so you don’t have to minimize the computer screen to adjust the volume. Pro gamers appreciate when computer peripheral makers understand their subtle needs.

Corsair HS70 is Suitable For –

So who is Corsair HS70 for? These PS4 headsets are designed for gamers looking for affordable wireless solutions for their auditory needs.

The versatility of HS70 also makes it suitable for online teachers. Online teaching is becoming popular these days. HS70 will keep your head and ears cool and relaxed throughout the teaching sessions.

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  • Lightweight design and detachable microphone make it one of the best for travel/commute.
  • Enjoy wireless gaming with up to 16 hours of battery life.
  • 50-millimeter Neodymium speaker drivers. Vastly enhanced audio quality.
  • Mic quality is excellent. 
  • 7.1 surround sound provides epic gaming and movie-watching experience.


  • Not compatible with Xbox One. You need additional hardware to make it work.
  • The performance of the software client can be improved.
  • The headset can feel too light during the initial days of use.

4. SteelSeries Arctis Pro

Best Value Runner-Up

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro is a high-end headset that offers 2.4G wireless lossless audio for gaming. It is also enabled with Bluetooth 4.0. You can connect our PC, Mac, smartphones, or Tablets to this headset seamlessly.

All you need to do is pair the device with SteelSeries Arctis Pro once, and it will detect it automatically the next time the device comes in its vicinity. Needless to say, you can always disable auto-pair if you wish to.

This wireless gaming headset comes with two swappable batteries. Each battery offers 20 hours of gaming experience. You can recharge the exhausted battery while using the charged one. You will also be surprised to learn that Arctis Pro is capable of taking in two inputs at the same time. One from a lossless 2.4G wireless device and other from a Bluetooth device.

Moreover, the retractable Arctis ClearCast microphone delivers studio-quality voice clarity. The audio quality is simply sublime. Plus, the ear cups are designed to offer maximum background noise cancellation so you can focus on the task at hand without getting distracted by the massive crowd present in gaming arenas. Background noise cancellation is also essential when playing high-precision online shooter games.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro is Suitable For –

SteelSeries Arctis Pro is one of the best gaming headsets for professional gamers who compete on a regular basis. If you have already begun earning money to do what you love, you should not wait to add this fantastic tool to your arsenal.

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  • Excellent audio quality with surround sound. The high-density neodymium magnets can produce high-resolution audio. 
  • Classy and extravagant looks. The body has a gunmetal finish.
  • It comes with two batteries.


  • Although the headband is coated with memory foam, there is still some clamping pressure felt during longer gaming sessions.
  • The microphone also comes with a conveniently located Mute button. There is a possibility of accidentally turning it off with your chin or shirt collar.

5. BENGOO G9000

Best Budget

Based in Guangdong, China, Bengoo is one of the upcoming computer peripherals companies. Since 2013, Bengoo has captured the market share of budget-priced gaming accessories.

Bengoo G9000 is designed for international customers, and hence, they are compatible with several operating systems and gaming consoles. You can connect them to Xbox One, PS4, or any other gaming console.

The Bengoo G9000 is perfect for those who love playing games like Halo 5 Guardians, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, etc. at home.

The omnidirectional microphone may not be detachable but can transmit high-quality audio. You can use it while playing multiplayer online games and disable the mic by pegging it back. You can adjust the microphone anywhere in the 120-degree range.

If you have children or grandchildren, these wired streaming headsets can be a good gift for them. They can use them for more than one purpose. Kids love playing offline and chatless games. The ear cups cancel out enough noise for a school or college children to be able to do their homework or assignments while listening to some lo-fi music.

BENGOO G9000 is Suitable For –

Not everyone plans to be a professional gamer. If you like gaming occasionally or are not sure whether you can make it professionally, it is not a great idea to invest more money than you can afford.

Bengoo G9000 is a powerful gaming headset for those who are testing the water with gaming. They are affordable, durable, and feature-rich.

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  • A strong and durable braided cord with five times more than the anti-pull strength as of a regular headset.
  • The cord comes with a volume wheel.
  • The headset is aesthetically pleasing. The blue LED lights look fantastic in day or night.
  • The headband comes with compact and plush memory foam. It prevents you from getting tired as you don’t feel any clamping pressure building on your head.


  • You need to connect both the USB and 3.5mm, audio jack to make the headset work.
  • They may seem bulky even for someone with a normal-sized head.

6. BeExcellent Gaming Headset

Best Budget Runner-Up

BeExcellent is another Chinese gaming headset manufacturer providing economic and bargain-priced products for gamers worldwide. This is one of the best low-cost headsets for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Like every other streaming headset manufacturer, BeExcellent too focuses on audio quality and providing the user a sense of auditory direction.

The flexible boom microphone eliminates the background noise and only sends information coming from your vocal cords. So, don’t worry if you use a gaming keyboard with noisy blue switches. Your fellow gamers, on the other end, will hear you loud and clear.

The microphone is not detachable but is flexible over 120-degrees. You can also use this headset for purposes like web chatting or recording a tutorial for YouTube.

Furthermore, this gaming headset for streaming comes with red LEDs all around the outside of the ear cups. There is a BeExcellent logo in the middle, which looks quite attractive. Although the headset may seem too bulky (on a small-sized face or children), it is lightweight and won’t weigh down your head after long gaming sessions.

BeExcellent Gaming Headset is Suitable For –

A gamer with any level of proficiency can benefit from using the BeExcellent gaming headset. If you are looking for something that is affordable, comfortable to wear, looks impressive, provides excellent audio quality, and will allow you to game for hours on end, this is your product. 

Although it is wired and the mic is not detachable, and it is not as feature-rich as some of the value-priced headsets, it does what it is supposed to do without any hassles.

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  • The microphone is of excellent quality. You can also use it to compose YouTube tutorials or vlogs. Unlike other condenser microphones, it won’t add any static noise to the audio.
  • The audio quality is excellent. You can hear every little detail in the game.
  • Good online and chat-based customer service. If you run into any problem while connecting this headset to your device, simply visit their website.
  • One of the best gaming headsets for streaming your gaming sessions on Twitch and YouTube.


  • LEDs do not work with smartphones and tablets.
  • It comes with a USB and a 3.5mm audio jack. You need to connect both to the PC or console to make it work.
  • Not great for professional gamers.

Why Should I Choose Gaming Headsets for Streaming Instead of Regular Headphones?

If you are under the impression that a gaming headset is a slightly modified version of a regular PC headset, then you might want to reconsider this notion.

A casual gamer can indeed enjoy playing his/her favorite video games wearing ordinary PC headsets or even by playing the audio on loudspeakers. But if winning is your priority and you love to play multiplayer online games, then you need to invest in something more suited for the challenging task at hand.

Here are five reasons why you should choose gaming headsets for streaming:

1) Comfort is Necessary for Gamers

When you sign-up for a multiplayer gaming tournament, you know that you are going to play at least 5-6 hours on a stretch. This is how gaming tournaments function, and most gamers are used to being seated for extended periods. Even when gaming from home, you are required to remain stationary for hours on end.

Also, keep in mind that there is a stark difference between gaming from the comfort of your home and competing in a gaming arena, where there are hundreds of people encircling you. No one likes to feel annoyed and uneasy when they are being watched or even recorded by their fans.

2) Gamers Need Better Audio Quality

Most gaming headsets for streaming come with 7.1 surround sound to enhance the gaming experience. The high-end ones also offer an audio output with a higher resolution–as a result of high-density neodymium magnets. All these enhancements are hardly featured in a studio headphone.

This is because unlike someone who likes to watch a movie, listen to music or partake in webinars, gamers need to pick up even the slightest of the sounds. Failing to do so may result in losing or getting knocked out of the tournament.

No one likes to lose after preparing for days, weeks, or even months. A good quality gaming headset for streaming raises the ROI (Return on Investment).

3) Gamers Need a Boom Microphone

No gaming headset for streaming is complete without an excellent microphone. Most of them come with a boom microphone. A microphone attached to an extendable arm is generally used in recording audio for a movie or a press conference.

The long arm allows you to place the microphone where it wouldn’t naturally be. The boom microphone used in gaming headsets is positioned just beneath the chin. It picks up the audio without interfering with your vision. A gamer doesn’t even realize it’s there.

4) Better Communication With Teammates

We talked about how a boom microphone can enhance a gamer’s ability to send audio information without it being a burden or detriment of any kind. It should also be noted that gamers need to communicate clearly and precisely with their teammates.

During a multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game like Counter-Strike, Call Of Duty, Far Cry, Borderlands, Bioshock Infinite, etc., a gamer is required to ask for cover, or attend to a call for help from a teammate. A gaming headset allows you to do just that.

What is the Best Headset for Streaming?

I would pick Sennheiser Game One as it goes well with both PC and gaming console. Besides, it’s lightweight design lets you fit it easily in my backpack. This headset is designed specifically for streaming on TwitchTV, YouTube, and IGTV.

Other than that I have talked about the best budget, value, and overall options along with their alternatives for you to choose from. Your needs play an important role in deciding what the best headset is for you.

Can You Stream With a Headset?

Yes. You can begin streaming the game on platforms like TwitchTV with just your gaming headset for streaming. Even a PS4 headset is good enough for streaming the game online.

To get started today, head over to TwitchTV and create a free account. Create your profile by uploading your profile picture, and add a bio. That’s it, and you can begin streaming live within seconds.

I am assuming you are using a gaming console like PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch. All gaming consoles can be connected to TwitchTV by going to settings and “linking with other services.” You can also connect to YouTube, Instagram TV, DailyMotion, Facebook Live, or Twitter.

These days, all social media platforms allow you to stream your games online. Further, go-to Broadcast GamePlay and select the platform you wish to stream in. You are set and ready to go.

What Headset Streamers Use?

Brand-wise, Sennheiser, HyperX, and Corsair are preferred by professional gamers all around the world. You will be surprised to learn that most pro gamers do not pick their streaming headsets based on cost. A premium headset may last long, but it is useless if it doesn’t fulfill your immediate needs.

An expensive streaming headset doesn’t necessarily mean that it will suit you. Even a $20 headset can work great if it fits well on your head and does the job that it is supposed to do.

Factors like audio quality, noise cancellation, and comfort are a top priority for a pro gamer when picking a headset for streaming.

What is the Best Gaming Headset for PC?

Not everyone prefers to game on a console. If you have a gaming PC at home, you can go for an analog headset that is comfortable and convenient to use. Gaming CPUs generally come with a high-end motherboard.

Therefore, the system itself carries out the process of converting digital audio to analog. Such is not the case with a regular CPU. It is always good to use a digital headset with a standard home or an office computer.

Lastly, for a PC, do not make the mistake of going for a wireless headset. Wireless headsets are bulky and work on batteries. They are suitable for gaming tournaments and not for home-usage. Trust me; you don’t want the hassle of charging the batteries every other day.


When choosing a gaming headset, you must go for the one that suits all your needs. Just because the newest technology allows you to use a headset without cords or offers you surround sound doesn’t mean it will improve your skill set. Hence, always go for comfort, compatibility with your system, affordability, and audio quality.