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May 28, 2021

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How often do you come across terms such as “bull run” and “market correction” in the crypto world? It might be more than you can remember. You may thus end up confused and not sure if joining the cryptocurrency space is the real deal.

Stories of people who have made a fortune from cryptocurrencies are very common in the modern world. On the other hand, you may have come across stories of people who fell in the hands of scammers and lost big.

How can you get started with cryptos? We can now access information conveniently from our smartphones and mobile apps. Let us explore some of the best mobile apps if you are just starting at cryptocurrencies:

Educational app-Crypto School

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Learning all the crypto jargon may seem like an uphill task to many. The good news is that there are apps that can teach you everything you need to learn about crypto. A good example of such an app is Crypto School.

The app is free of Google Play and offers free lessons on Blockchain, Bitcoin, tangle vs blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The lessons are structured in a way that you can read with ease and gauge your understanding using the review questions at the end of every lesson.

You can complete a course on Crypto School within 2-3 hours. The lessons are fit for beginners, and examples of topics covered on the apps are what is bitcoin, how to use bitcoins, how to store bitcoins, how does Bitcoin technology work and what is ethereum, to mention a few.

Exchanges/trading app-Coinbase

Once you learn what cryptocurrencies are, you can now look for exchanges where you can buy digital currencies. The ideal app should be backed by experts and have an array of top-notch products. Coinbase has won the hearts of many people for providing products such as eCommerce payment features, custodian services, interest-earning accounts, crypto solutions for institutions and Coinbase Pro (professional traders’ platform)

Its mobile apps are intuitive and allow people from 32 different countries to buy and sell cryptos. The app also features a news feed that allows users to follow what is happening in the crypto world.


Cryptocurrencies are built on peer to peer networks. It thus means that 3rd parties such as banks and governments are not involved in the handling of money exchanged on such platforms. A wallet acts as a bank account where you store your coins.

There are thousands of mobile wallets out there but Exodus has stood the test of time. Exodus supports more than 125 cryptocurrencies and has inbuilt features that make it easy to trade such coins. You can also integrate the app with offline wallets such as Trezor. Exodus wallet is available for both iOS and Android users.

Betting apps

The use of cryptocurrencies has now become a norm in the online gambling field. The anonymity provided by various cryptos has been one of the biggest attraction to people who want to deposit or withdraw money from their online gambling accounts.

Sportsbooks are using bonuses to encourage online gamblers to use cryptocurrencies. A close look at Betonline review shows that the sportsbook offers a 100% match bonus when one makes an initial deposit using selected cryptos. However, those who use others forms of depositing money into their accounts get only a 50% match. The reload bonuses are also attractive when using cryptos.

Browsing app-Brave browser

Browsing through the internet can be unsafe at times and you may thus feel the need to use a blockchain-based browser. Brave browser is built around the idea of anonymity and comes with an inbuilt VPN. The browser is safer and faster than conventional browsers and rewards you for using it through Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

Lending apps-BlockFi

You may have bought some cryptos and you do not know how to trade. You can lend such coins on platforms such as BlockFi and earn a return of about 5-10% per annum. The big coins have high demands, which means you can only get into lending through brokers.

Tracking app-Blockfolio

You may not have all the time to keep checking what is happening in the crypto world. Most people use 3rd party apps to track their crypto investments. Blockfolio is a free app and helps you track over 10,000 cryptocurrencies that are traded in over 500 exchanges. The app has more than 6 million users.

Investing app-

You can learn everything you need to know about investing through The platform has been around for more than a decade and has databases of more than 1,300 altcoins. You can set up price alerts that will allow you to sell quickly when prices rise.

Above are some of the best cryptocurrency apps that anyone interested in this area should download. Most of these apps are free in various stores. You will also find some free features on some of these apps while others can only be unlocked through premium subscriptions.

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