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February 16, 2021

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Website builders and CMS are quite indispensable tools that help individuals to create their own websites from scratch. The two are similar to each other, but then, they also have their differences. The one you should choose will usually depend on what your needs are in the long run.


A free website builder software, as the name suggests, enables a user to create a website easily even with little or no prior experience of coding. Most website builders have inbuilt constituents that enable even a novice to create a professional-looking website. Some also make use of inbuilt templates that make the creation of a new website a workover. Website builders are perfect for you if you have a small business, personal blog, or anything that doesn’t require an elaborate website.

A CMS is an online software that also allows you to create a website. Generally, a CMS is not as easy to use as a free website builder software and may require at least some level of experience. With a CMS, you get numerous themes and add-ons, plus you can make your own plug-ins and themes. A CMS is a great choice for you if you need an elaborate website that would have a lot of users.

Mobirise Website Builder

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Mobirise free website builder software is an app that enables users to easily create simple to medium websites. The app is an offline app for windows and Mac, and a free one at that, making it perfect for virtually anyone to use. 

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The easy interface of the app, along with its drag and drop feature, makes it possible for users to create their own websites, even without any prior knowledge of coding. Mobirise Free Website Maker has various templates, themes, and website blocks to enable beginners to create online resumes and landing pages apart from websites.

Unique themes and templates

There are more than four thousand website blocks on Mobirise currently. These blocks are in over a hundred premium HTML themes, five free HTML themes, and over three hundred home page templates. You can easily customize these blocks and themes with the different customizing options available on the free website builder software.

Mobirise Addons

If you want to make your site interactive and attractive, then you will do well to make use of Mobirise extensions. Mobirise extensions consist of various add-ons like popup builder, shopping carts that are compatible with PayPal, and much more. However, you should note that you will need to purchase these extensions in order to use them. 

Simple Website Building Tutorial

As stated earlier, using Mobirise is pretty easy, especially because of its drag and drop feature. You can follow the following steps to use the application:

  • Create your site and choose a theme that you like: Once you download and open Mobirise, you will be able to create your site by clicking on “sites” on its dashboard. Immediately you have created your site, you can then pick a theme of your choice. There are numerous themes on the app and so getting one that suits the purpose for which you are creating a website would not be a problem. 
  • Design your page to your liking: Designing your page in Mobirise is not a difficult task and is something that you can learn in no time. Once you have created your website and chosen a theme, you can begin dragging the blocks you like to your page. You can use block parameters to change the layouts of your blocks. 
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  • Edit your page with the Inline editor: With the Inline editor, you can edit and style the contents of your blocks as much as you like. If you want to edit a text, you only have to click on it and a tooltip with which you can change text color, text-align, etc, would appear. You can also insert videos and images of your choice by clicking on media elements.
  • Preview and publish your site: The free website builder software allows you to check what your page looks like by clicking on “Mobile view.” Once you are satisfied with it, you can then publish it. 

Why Mobirise?

Mobirise Website Builder has numerous advantages. They are outlined below:

  • It does not require any coding experience: This is one of the best features of this application. Practically anyone can use it to build their own websites without professional help or knowledge of coding.
  • It is easy to use: With the drag and drop feature of the website builder, creating your own site is a workover, and you will be able to do it in no time. 
  • It allows you to style your website to your taste: With the Mobirise free website builder software, you will be able to add and remove any content as you wish until you are satisfied with the way your site looks.
  • It contains numerous templates, themes, and website blocks: There are thousands of templates, themes, and website blocks for you to choose from on Mobirise. The templates cut across different types of businesses including e-shops, musical bands, car services, hotels, and much more. Therefore, finding one that suits your purposes would pose no problem at all.
  • The application is free: Mobirise is free to download and use for commercial purposes and personal purposes, although it offers premium extensions for users. Nonetheless, there are also free extensions for you to use if you do not wish to purchase a premium extension.
  • It helps you to create mobile-friendly sites: Most people access web pages via their phones, and so, having a mobile-friendly website is important. Luckily enough, all the sites created with this app are automatically mobile-friendly.
  • You can make your site unique: Since there are over four thousand blocks on the free website builder software, you can easily create your own unique website by combining blocks from different themes. 

Wrapping it up

Mobirise is a perfect free website builder software for you if you want to open a small or medium website. It does not matter whether you can code or not, as it has a drag and drop feature, plus an easy to use interface that makes its use straightforward.

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