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March 20, 2020

Can Windows 10 Be Installed on a Chromebook
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Can Windows 10 Be Installed on a Chromebook

Unfortunately, Google has discarded Project Campfire, a project dedicated to allowing another operating system to run alongside Chrome OS. This report by TechRadar explains everything about Google’s decision to do so. 

Also, some Redditors have come up with a way to install Windows OS on Chromebook, but the process is not recommended by Google and it works on select Chromebook models. 

However, if you are interested in using specific apps on your Chromebook, you can install them on your Chrome OS without having to install another operating system. There are apps available for you to make this happen as easily as possible. 

Furthermore, you can always access a Windows PC remotely via your Chromebook. So, if you found yourself in a situation where you don’t have a Windows PC, you can install a remote desktop connection app on your Chromebook itself.

Let’s Have a Look at Ways You Can Use Your Chromebook as Windows OS

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1) Install Chrome Remote Desktop App on Chromebook

Instead of installing Windows by modifying the hardware and software (Chrome OS) of your Chromebook, it is a lot better to just access a Windows computer remotely and use it in a window. 

Step 1: Install Chrome Remote Desktop App 

On your Chromebook, open Google Chrome internet browser. Do a quick Google search for “Chrome Remote Desktop App”. Click on the first search result. You will see a window with an option to install the app. Click on it. 

Step 2: Pair Your Windows Device

Next, head over to your Windows device and open the Chrome Remote Desktop App. If not already installed kindly follow the process mentioned in Step1. You will be asked to share this computer with another device or get access to another computer. Click on share.

Step 3:  Create an Access Code 

Stay in your Windows device and let the Chrome Remote Desktop App generate an access code. Copy this access code and save it in a notepad file. You will need it to pair this device with your Chromebook.

Step 4: Enter the Access Code in Your Chromebook

Next, open Chrome Remote Desktop App in your Chromebook and enter the access code in the input box. Hit enter and you have now paired your Windows PC with Chromebook. Chrome Remote Desktop App allows you to not only access the Windows desktop but also add, delete and modify files present on the hard drive. 

Plus, it will be using the hardware of your Windows machine. Chromebook has some serious limitations when it comes to running hardware requirements of operating systems other than Chrome OS.

2) Install Individual Apps on Chromebook

Another easy solution is to install apps that you frequently use in your Windows PC. Apps like Microsoft Office Suite can be installed on Chromebook. Just open the Chrome app store and look for apps that you normally use on your Windows PC.


When you access a Windows device remotely from your Chromebook, you literally have no hardware or software limitations. It is better than running a Windows on your Chromebook by unfair means. Chromebook is designed specifically for Chrome OS. Windows OS does not work as smoothly on this device.

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