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The last years have seen an increase in the demand of casino games (and the bonuses attached to them) by the online communities. And it is not difficult to understand why. People have always been inclined to gamble, for leisure or professional competitions, and now that the Internet made everything easier and more comfortable, anyone can get it done from home. Why wouldn’t you want to make times pass by, have fun, chat with other like-minded people and potentially win big? You can now do that starting with a bonus from , a place where you can browse hundreds of casino bonuses and pick the one that sounds best for you.

But the new and complex technologies may come with some problems. Sometimes the computers or laptops that we use may become the victims of time, usage or malware.However, the great richness of the digital does come with smart solutions. For example, nowadays you make your old computer usable in a few easy steps with the Xtra-PC Pro, a portable USB that will override your old operation system and use Linux, making all its basic features functional again.It has a few very useful features that work for gaming as well.


Using the Xtra-PC Pro will give you back the basic options of a normal laptop, including the possibility to download and install some programs and use it even further. The reinforced basics are related to documents (editing, creating, using etc.), streaming music, using a browser, downloading files and watching media. In the context of online casino games, these aspects are very advantageous. Asyou can see from the link at the beginning of the article casinos come in two main versions nowadays. Either you open then and play what they offer online in the browser or you have to install a program and use the extension like you would a usual PC game.

If it’s case the casino game you’re playing is in a browser, Xtra-PC Pro will come with Mozilla Firefox already pre-installed and if that’s not your preferred browser, you can always install your normal one as long as your device has an Internet connection. The choice of browser can also be influenced by what the casino uses as its encryption and what it prefers.

However, if you are at the other end of the scale, and your gambling place requires a download, the USB will make the installation work seamlessly.Because with the use of the Xtra-PC Pro your laptop or computer will be able to run as a new one, even if it’s up to 8 years old. And so, you will be able to download the usual types of software, like a casino game or even an entire casino with hundreds of games already in it, which seems to be the norm in the latest gambling trends.

This simple and efficient way that the trends in the digital world make way for solutions like these is the main reason why people gravitate towards them. Gambling has turned from a social gathering to an individual venture that you don’t have to dress up for. Using online casinos and solutions like Xtra-PC Pro, you can now do it from home or on the go wherever you are. Now, more than ever, it is easy to visit your favorite gambling joint even if you’re sitting on a couch, you’re on the bus or you’re vacationing somewhere.

So, if you want to gamble from an old desktop device, then it’s not only possible, but easier than ever with the multitude of places that are especially designed for that and the clever solutions that keep popping up in the online world, that as we know keeps expanding and bringing to light more and more useful novelties.

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