Can’t Hear People on Discord? Guide to fix it!

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Discord is a free instant messaging program, a VoIP application, and a digital distribution platform that can be used to create communities ranging from gamers to education to business. Discord works on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux, and web browsers. It was created and launched in May 2015. After a while, the players took the software and used the application for both LAN performances and tournaments.

Discord, however, does not come without issues. One of the many significant problems faced by people while using Discord is inaudibility. Many have faced a similar issue where they can’t hear other people, and that’s why this detailed guide would help you fix the problem quickly.

Ways to fix the Hearing issue in Discord

Basics of Discord

Before starting with the technical issues, here is a simple primary way you can try fixing the software.

  • Restarting the computer.
  • Doing an audio test to make sure your headphones/speakers are functioning. If you don’t hear anything, you might have problems with headphones or speakers. However, if your audio device produces sound, follow the steps below:
  • Restarting Discord.
  • Turn off the headset and switch it on again.

If the issue persists, there might be a technical problem with your Discord settings. Hence, here are the steps you need to follow to fix a technical issue.

Download Discord Again

If you face specific technical issues while using Discord, a full re-installation of the software is recommended, because the installation takes comparatively less time. You can delete and reinstall Discord in about five minutes. If the audio issue persists even after re-installation, you need to go through the following ways to fix it.

Default Communications

One method that is often overlooked is to set the headset on your communication device by default. It runs on Windows, so let’s find out how to do it:

  • Right-click the Sound tab in the lower right corner of Windows and select “Open Sound Settings.”
  • In the Sound options, move down to “Related Settings” and select “Sound Control Panel.”
  • Find your audio device in the list.
  • Right-click the tab and select “Set as a default communication device.”
  • Click Apply.
  • Restart Discord and see if the problem is resolved.

This is one of the proven and effective ways to recover and operate Discord.

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Switch on Legacy Audio Subsystem

One of the most usual solutions for not being able to hear people on Discord is hardware compatibility. Sometimes hardware components are not compatible with the latest Discord audio systems. This problem is solved by only returning to the old audio system. Enabling the “Use Legacy Audio Subsystem” option fixes the problem.

Following are the steps to activate this option:

  • Open Discord.
  • Click User Settings. This should be on the right side of your avatar.
  • Click Audio and Video.
  • Go down and look for the option called “Use Legacy Audio Subsystem.”
  • Replace the older audio system.
  • You will see a new dialog box. Click OK to confirm.
  • Close the settings by clicking the Esc button in the upper right corner.

This should solve your problem

Sound Output/Input

Sometimes the problem is related to a wrong audio device selected in Discord. Merely choosing the right input/output must solve the problem. Follow the steps below to check and choose the appropriate audio method:

  • Open Discord.
  • Click User Settings. This should be on the right side of your avatar.
  • Click Audio and Video.
  • You will see the exit and entrance at the top.
  • Click the drop-down menu below this option and choose the correct audio device. If you are not sure which one to choose, just select the first one, close the settings by clicking the Esc button, and check whether it works. You can try various devices from the drop-down menu and check which one works.

This would solve the issue with Discord.

Update Discord

If the above methods don’t work, it could be an error in the software update. Discord releases many updates, and the software might have automatically updated itself, and a problem could cause this problem due to the recent update.

To resolve the problem, follow the steps below:

  • Close Discord and reopen it.
  • Press CTRL + R to update Discord.

Web Version of Discord

Using the web version is much more comfortable, but make sure that it is not corrupted or damaged. If you are still experiencing problems even after using Discord in the web version, it is most likely a systematic error. In this case, we recommend using a repair tool that can scan repositories and replace damaged or missing files. Again, this works in many instances in which problems occur with a damaged system. Most repair tools also optimize your system for maximum performance, so it’s still a good idea to try it.

Change of Server Settings

In some instances, the hearing problem can be resolved immediately by changing the server area. The steps to change the server area is as follows:

  • Click on the server to open server settings.
  • Click “Browse” and select the “Server Region” drop-down menu.
  • Select another region here.
  • Click the “Save Changes” option and check if the problem still exists.


If you’ve tried everything and still doesn’t work, use a headset with a different computer or a modified version of Discord. If you still have problems, your headset might be broken. If the software works on the second computer, then there might be a problem with your software or system. If you want to, you can go to extremes and reformat Windows.

After reading all the techniques and methods for resolving Discord, you will resolve the issue without anyone else’s help. It would be best if you hold a little patience and a careful reading of the procedure and how to follow it, and your problem is solved.