Cheap Internet Connection for Social Media Usage

Cheap Internet Connection for Social Media Usage
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If you’re in the market looking for a cheap internet plan that is suitable for simple internet usage like social media, emails, and surfing then look no further. Among the plethora of ISPs providing internet services, we think that Xfinity offers the greatest number of options to its customers.

They are available in around 41 states across the USA. It makes them one of the largest internet service providers in the country. Xfinity Internet packages come with various valuable features and at affordable rates. There is one important fact to consider though. Xfinity’s plans come at different prices for different locations.

Selecting the most suitable option for your household can be tricky. There are just too many plans and deals to choose from and if you’re not sure about your requirements, you may end up utterly confused. Every customer can find some deal, which will suit their particular household, regardless of wherever they are geographically placed.

To make things easier, we’ve selected some of the cheapest plans by Xfinity according to the areas of service. If you are residing in any of these zones, you can buy the relevant deal and make great savings along the way.

  • Cheapest Internet Plan for the Northeastern Division

If you are residing in the Northeast USA, the Xfinity Performance Starter plan is the cheapest for you. You can get downloads speeds of up to 50 Mbps for as low as $29.99 per month. This speed is enough for smaller households where people love to stay connected but don’t have heavy usage.

You can still access streaming services like Netflix without worrying about buffering and kids can play some online games too. The price that is offered at the moment is the introductory price and would increase after the first year of promotion ends.

Regardless, the promotion is just too good to pass up. There is a data limit of 1.2 TB. Xfinity plans usually offer you the option to choose between a term agreement or no contract plan. If you choose no contract then we do recommend that before the end of the first year, give Xfinity’s customer service department a call. They might offer a good deal or, you can choose another plan or leave their services altogether without worrying about cancellation charges.

  • Cheapest Internet Plan for the Central Division

For residents of Central USA, Xfinity’s Performance Starter+ is definitely the cheapest option for connectivity. If you are stuck on a tight budget and unable to bear high costs then your best bet is this plan. However, do keep in mind that this plan comes with download speeds of up to 50 Mbps.

This plan will not suffice if you’re looking for an internet connection that suits a household with multiple devices and heavy usage. It is better suited to a single user or a few people with light usage. The whole family can easily use social media on this plan but forget about high-end streaming or multi-player online gaming. This plan costs $20 per month which is peanuts as compared to other ISPs with less than perfect download speeds.

When buying an internet connection, our recommendation is to analyze the price per the download speed available. If you consider that, you’ll learn that the Gigabit plan will come out as the only value per speed option. It costs $80 per month. There may, however, be a contract for a year or two years depending on your location. Customers will get a super-fast speed of up to 1.2 Gigs, which will be more than enough for multiple high-end users. It can also smoothly run all your IoT smart devices simultaneously.

In case you’re not looking for such high-speed connectivity and don’t have multiple devices and users then going for lesser speed and more cost-saving should be your preference. If you are looking at the cheapest option for the internet, which also offers reasonably good download speed, the Performance plan is the best deal.

You get 100 Mbps speed for $40 per month. The data limit is 1.2 TB, which is enough for streaming, gaming, social media, and surfing for a small family. The price will remain the same for the first year of subscription and there may be a contract term required.

  • Cheapest Internet Plan for the Western Division

If you are living in the Western part of the USA, the Performance Starter+ plan is the cheapest option among all internet plans that you can get, considering the price. You get 50 Mbps to download speeds for $34.99 per month. It is enough to keep a single user streaming and gaming throughout the month without worrying about data limits or service quality.

As discussed above, the Gigabit plans while being expensive, costing $94.99 a month for 1.2 Gig and $299.95 a month for the 2 Gigs, are also the best available value per speed plans. The entire family can hook up on a single connection and stream, game, or download to their heart’s content.

However, if you’re in the market for casual surfing and social media usage, this plan will end up taking a lot out of your budget. It will become an especially terrible deal if you’re on a tight monthly expense schedule.

If you want reasonably good data speeds and a price that is as affordable as it can get, then the Performance Pro+ plan is the best deal to invest in. It will also work perfectly if you have a large household, and want to stay connected for casual internet usageYou can get speeds up to 200 Mbps for a cost of $59.99 per month. The data limit is set at 1.2 TB, which is enough for unlimited social media activities and updates for the entire family.

These were just a few of the options that we thought maybe the best for customers living at different locations. As you can see, there are no huge variations in the cost of plans. You can find more plans if these don’t seem suitable on the Localcabledeals webpage. Or, the relevant information is also available with the Xfinity customer services department. Call them 24/7 for any assistance regarding plans, locations, and pricing.

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