CoD Warzone – Top 7 Tips To Improve Your Aim

CoD Warzone - Top 7 Tips To Improve Your Aim
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If you’re shooting without hitting any targets in Warzone, your chances of survival will be slim. Battle Royale games are terrifying, and you shouldn’t be attracting attention to yourself by releasing sporadic bullets. The safest thing is to achieve a headshot every time the bullets leave the guns. 

But it is easier than done, especially for beginners. If you’re unable to master the art of aiming rightly, there’s no way to achieve any kills at all. So, we will discuss some of the tips that can help you. Also, if you use undetected warzone hacks, you’re sure to understand the game better and shoot smarter. 

So, check our tips below and start shooting with purpose from now.  

Warzone Tips for better aiming 

  1. Start from the setting.

According to pro players, the first port of call should be your mouse sensitivity settings. When it comes to that, start playing with low levels and gradually increase it according to your skill level. For example, when your mouse pointer is not dancing vigorously all over the screen, you can easily make precise movements. It also helps you to avoid overshooting and enables you to make some adjustments without issues. But when you allow the mouse to move faster, bear in mind that even your crosshair will misbehave when you shoot. 

  1. Get smart with the thumbstick. 

This is another important thing to choose rightly for accurate aim and kills. If you’re targeting the high accuracy that ensures more kills, use the “Domed Thumbstick,” but when you want to control the way you move, use the “Concave thumbstick.” 

Choosing the right thumbstick can also depend on your playstyle. If you love to play aggressively, choose short thumbsticks both for the concave and domed. Let the domed stay at the right while the left will be for the concave thumbstick. That arrangement will enable you to aim more quickly. 

  1. Make your sight clearer.

If you see the enemy clearer, it will be easier to aim better and shoot them down. One of the things you need for that is the blue dot reticle in Warzone. Many players often state that it improves their aim & accuracy when engaged in gunfights. So, we recommend unlocking the blue dots for your holographic sights. But bear in mind that there are specific ways of doing that. Some of them include using the Corp Combat Holo sight to get 200 kills or 50 headshots. Also, you will unlock the blue dot by using the “PBX Holo 7 Sight” to get 200 kills or using it to get at least 50 headshots. Once you’ve achieved that, your sights will be without obscurities. 

  1. Learn your weapon recoil 

A gun’s recoil affects the way it behaves and also affects your aim. If you can’t control the recoil, your chances of accurate aim will be slimmer. But when you learn how the gun behaves, it will help you to make quick adjustments to improve your aim. The impact of recoil on aim is usually pronounced in medium-range shots. Many of the guns, especially the assault rifles, usually go up and right in their kick. When you know this, you’ll have to pull the thumbstick back and take it to the left so that the recoil won’t disorganize your aim. This is just an instance but bear in mind that other guns also have their unique recoils, and you need to identify them. 

  1. Use burst fire sometimes.

If you’re not sure of an accurate aim in certain situations, the best thing is to burst fire at the enemy. No matter how fast or far they are, one of the bullets must touch them at a deadly spot. The burst fire attachment can work on many guns such as Sniper rifles, assault rifles, marksman rifles, etc. With the burst fire, you don’t have to miss the shots since the enemy might be hit with a specific number of bullets simultaneously. So, consider the attachment while playing. 

  1. Always focus on centering. 

This is all about where and how the crosshairs is placed in Warzone. The placement should be centered to ensure the readiness to shoot any player that emerges from any corner. According to pro players, the best point of centering is at the chest of any emerging player, and that will be the center of the screen. When you approach windows, doorway, corners, the crest of a hill, make sure you’re pre-aiming at the spot where you expect them to appear. As soon as they appear, you will shoot automatically and not struggle with adjustments. 

  1. Try weapon mounting

This is a practice of mounting your weapon on a particular surface to shoot more accurately. The place you mount it can be a ledge or a wall in the game that gives you a wider area of sight on the map. Once you mount the gun, it will seem like a laser beam that searches the whole area and picks enemies to kill. But make sure that your back is not exposed. 


Warzone is sweeter and more enjoyable when you’re killing many enemies. Some people play video games just for the fun of the kills. But if your aim is not up to par, how will you kill those monsters after you. So, go through the tips above and improve.