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April 28, 2017

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Connect2 download for windows pc. Launched by leading techno brand Lenovo, Connect2 is an awesome file sharing application. It is best known for its quick integration, excellent performance and functionality. Built on a robust technology, it easily integrates with all Windows and Android devices and provides consistent support to its users. This user-friendly app is highly flexible and dynamic in nature. Using this, users can easily connect their multiple personal devices and share files and documents, irrespective of its format. While transferring files, users are bound to enjoy the high speed and derive more convenience and benefit from the application.

Not just the older Windows version, the app works wonders for Windows 10. Therefore, those using the latest versions need not worry about connectivity. Besides this, users can transfer documents at a higher speed through Wi-Fi than Bluetooth. Furthermore, it is a wireless solution that does not require any additional network. At the same time, the file sharing application works without internet. It thus enables users to wirelessly sync their gadgets and enjoy 24*7 uninterrupted connectivity.


Features of Connect2

Table of Contents

Connect2 is a complete package of interesting features that includes:

Auto Integration
In a world that’s dominated by electronic gadgets, Connect2 helps users by integrating multiple personal devices, in no time. Its auto-integration feature allows users to quickly transfer files from phones to PC and connect all devices in a wireless system. Connect2 has higher compatibility and quickly syncs the Android and Windows phones with the PC.

Fast Connectivity
Connect2 app provides faster connectivity. Using this, people can connect phone and PC in just one tap. The app also allows the user to choose and specify a destination folder within the PC where all the documents and files transferred from the phone, shall be stored. It thus gives a clear visibility over data storage. Above all, it auto-connects devices whenever in close range.

High User Control
That’s another wonderful feature about the file sharing app. It’s simple, easy-to-use and flexible. With high user-interface, it enables people to monitor what’s being transferred and control the entire file sharing process. Users only need to specify files to be shared and Connect2 takes care of the rest. Not just phone-to-PC, users can also share files across different smartphones.

Quick File Transfer
Files and documents are transferred in the blink of an eye. In just one interface, Connect2 users can move any content (documents, photos, videos, songs, etc.) between phone and PC. The app adjusts with all file extensions and serves as a comprehensive file sharing platform that unifies all gadgets and personal devices of users. Moreover, the app also transfers files between two PCs.

Unlimited File Transfer Size
And there’s no limit to sharing and moving files. Whether a 3MB song or a 25MB video, Connect2 can transfer any file content at the fastest speed. It uses Wi-Fi for moving and sharing files, which is way faster than Bluetooth. Simultaneously, there’s no restriction for file types. With this, Connect2 accounts for seamless file transfer between multiple gadgets.

Robust Technology
Its strong and powerful technology accounts for a dynamic experience. Built on a robust mechanism, the app is user-friendly and caters to diverse requirements. Furthermore, it has high interface. Thanks to the robust features, Connect2 streamlines the file sharing procedure and delivers consistent support and excellent performance to its users.

Data Backup
Besides syncing data, Connect2 users can also backup phone data and free space from their phone memory. The application has an exclusive SYNCit feature through which users can keep a backup of their phone data and free storage space in their personal smartphones. At any point of time, they can view their phone storage and auto-backup phone data using this application.

Independent Functionality
Connect2 works without any internet connectivity. Transferring and moving data files and other content can be done without any additional charges, as the app works offline. Its robust technology, user-friendly software and flexible infrastructure together make it an independent and dynamic application.

QR Code Scan
While integrating devices, users need to scan QR codes and then connect their devices. QR code scanning keeps spammers and online threats away. It protects the application and prevents data leakage.

Safety and Security
Connect2 has good security provisions. While sharing and moving files between multiple platforms, it secures users from online threats and viruses. In fact, it’s more secure than cloud storage. At the same time, it protects user identity and preserves phone data. Overall, it’s a safe, secured and credible application, best-suited for sharing and moving files across various devices.
And with all the above features, Connect2 is a compact application that does magic for transferring files and moving data across different devices.

Connect2 system requirements:

Windows 7, 8, 10

Connect2 download link:

Software version: 2.5.1
Publisher: Lenevo

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