Coolest Student Gadgets to Buy in 2020

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These days, all students have smartphones and computers. They use them for education, entertainment, and work. However, there are a lot of different gadgets that help students to study and improve their productivity. Scroll down below and review the coolest ones to purchase this year. 


Noise-Cancelling Headphones

A lot of students live in dorms or share apartments with roommates. They live in a noisy environment, where they can hardly concentrate, learning something new. However, thanks to modern technology, students can get distracted from noises. 

If you’re a learner, good-quality noise-canceling headphones may become your favorite device when you need to focus on your assignment. 

USB Mug Warmer

Do you have a free USB port on your computer? If so, do not hesitate to purchase a USB mug warmer. This small and useful device will bring a lot of convenience to your life. 

For instance, if you’re working on your assignment late at night, you can make a big coffee cup and put it on your USB mug warmer. It will keep your drink hot as long as needed. 

Otherwise, you can always open a browser on your computer and find an answer to the question,” Who can do homework for me?”. Ordering papers online, you will have enough time for a healthy night’s sleep and get high grades with no hassle. 


Do you want to save the environment and get rid of tons of used paper notebooks? Purchase the Rocketbook and stop wasting paper. This leading-edge gadget has the form of a traditional notebook. However, it has special paper and ink that allow students to use it multiple times.

When there are no clean papers to make new notes in your Rocketbook, you should scan them using the corresponding app on a smartphone. After this, you have to bring a piece of wet cloth and wipe out all your notes. Consequently, you will get all your notes saved on a smartphone or a cloud drive. 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Since modern students spend most of their time looking into monitors, it’s crucial to use special glasses. This gadget helps keep eyes less strained by blocking blue light that is emitted by monitors. Also, they can enhance your style. 

Smart Watch

Do you want to keep yourself updated about upcoming events, incoming calls, messages, and track your activity? If so, you need to purchase a smart-watch. This small device on your wrist will notify you, measure your pulse, and track your night’s sleep. All these features will help you take your health more seriously and improve productivity


Don’t you want to keep heavy textbooks with you all the time? Buy a small e-book and start using digital books. An e-reader or e-book is a must-have device for learners. It won’t strain your eyes, thanks to the used technology. It displays the real inc under a screen so that the refresh rate is zero when you read the text by using an e-book. 

Also, e-readers consume electricity very efficiently. Consequently, you can be sure that your e-book’s battery won’t drain right during a lecture.

Power Bank

Since smartphones and other electronic devices help us navigate, communicate, pay for purchases, and learn, it’s vital always to keep them charged. In case you have a lot of electronics and don’t want to hunt for free outlets in public places, feel free to purchase a power bank. Choosing an external battery, pick a power bank with at least two USB ports to share some power with a friend.

Foldable Wireless Keyboard

These days, it’s common to make notes by using a laptop. However, modern devices bring a more convenient way to input information. You can merely grab a tablet or smartphone and type notes during a lecture. Unfortunately, digital keyboards are not as convenient as physical ones.

Fortunately, there is a great device. Purchase a foldable wireless keyboard and turn your mobile device into a laptop with a physical keyboard in a few seconds. 

External Hard Drive

There are a lot of cloud drive services on the Internet these days. Unfortunately, free plans offer limited space. If you work with large files and want to access them anytime, buy an external hard drive. It will also help you work with your files on shared computers without access to the Internet. 

Wi-Fi Range Extender

If you’re an undergraduate who lives in a dorm with public Wi-Fi access, this gadget will be extremely helpful for you. In case you have low Internet connection speed in your room or lose connectivity frequently, install a Wi-Fi range extender. It will ensure fast and stable access to the Internet in your room. 

Do Gadgets Help Students?

A lot of people think that gadgets make modern students lazy. However, smart devices and gadgets help them get rid of bothering tasks and improve their productivity. Consequently, they help to allocate more time for education and self-development.