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Corel DRAW X8 Portable is one of the highly recommended software for graphic designers who work with vector images. After the success of its previous version X7, the Corel Corporation had come up with a new and innovative tool that took the careers of graphic designers from working on low-paying small-scale projects to dealing with the world’s largest organizations — seizing the spotlight for themselves.

If you are still using the modded or even the genuine CorelDRAW X6 or X7 version, I would suggest you download CorelDRAW X8 Portable today. Most people using these older versions do not get a chance to experience and learn about the changes taking place in the graphic design industry. The reason being, they continue to use old and outdated software. To help you master the X8 version, there are several free resources available online. 

About the Corel draw X8 Portable Version

The Coreldraw X8 is a graphic design software developed and maintained by the Corel Corporation. This new and improved version has made many people leave wondering whether they should ditch the previous X6 or X7 versions and switch to this new version. I would like to call your attention to the fact that files created in X6 and X7 are 100 percent compatible with X8. 

Although the X8 version has a new font manager, you must place all your font organized in a named folder. Preferably arrange the files in alphabetical order and do not forget to remove duplicates (if there are any). The best thing about this portable version is that it is standalone or offline software. Simply download Coreldraw X8 Portable and copy it in one of the drives. 

What is the Best Way to Learn Coreldraw X8 Portable?

If you have used the previous versions of CorelDRAW, you would know that this software has always been way ahead of its time. When other programs came with clunky and old-fashioned user interfaces, CorelDRAW continued to make brand-new and intuitive interfaces, which made it easy to learn and operate the program. 

The Coreldraw X8 Portable has a plain and simple interface. You won’t have to worry about spending too much time getting acquainted with it. To create a basic design (like a logo or a simple structure), the user can use the drag and drop feature to get all the elements in place. The enhancements are easy to apply. Simply click on the element, and the options will appear on the ultra-flexible toolbar.

Although there are several helpful and informative free videos available on YouTube, the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Tutorials is one of the best places to get started. To speed up the learning process, it is advised to complete at least ten tutorial from the list. You will find everything from T-shirt design to business card creation. In this next section, I have enlisted and discussed the new feature of this program. 

Features of CorelDRAW X8 Portable

1) UltraHD 4K Display Compatible

Now you can use your favorite vector graphics editor on an enormous high-definition screen. The updated interface supports both CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. What this feature does is it allows you to view and edit images at their native resolution. The likelihood of you missing or skipping even minuscule details becomes low. This is important when working with corporate logos and product catalogs.

2) Works on Windows 10

Although the genuine version of CorelDRAW X8 was released on 15 March 2016, our expert developers have ensured that the portable version is fully compliant with the newest operating systems. This step was essential as very few users have older versions of Windows installed on their systems. There is no compromise on functionality or product quality.

3) Improved Hints Docker

corel draw x8 portable

In the previous versions, the hints section used to be a separate area where the user could query and find answers to the common questions. But now, new users do not have to leave the screen to find help. The improved hints docker provides context-sensitive information right on the top of the element. All you need to do is hover over the element you wish to seek information about. 

On top of that, you get offered links to video and text tutorials pertaining to a particular element or an option in the toolbar. As you can see in the image above, there are two types of dockers: nested and floating. Apart from providing information about a particular element, dockers also help a user view and change its properties. In the main menu, you will find options to select between a nested or a floating docker.

4) Multi-Monitor Support

It is not uncommon for a graphic designer to use more than one monitor (of different screen sizes). It is essential to check for cross-resolution compatibility before delivering the work to the client. What if the logo or the e-business card you designed fails to lead properly on all screen resolutions? The “Advanced Multi-Monitor Support” features allow you to use this version of CorelDRAW on small-sized monitors.

5) Hide and Display Objects

CorelDRAW X8 portable also lets you hide a particular object or a group of objects, so you get to use the sections that you want in the project. This feature is crucial when working on complex and challenging to edit designs. 

You will find yourself hiding parts of an image when assigned with a job of rehashing or modifying an image. A major part of a graphic designer’s work involves working on designs created by artists. This is where the hide and displays objects feature comes into the picture.  

6) Split Objects

With the new knife tool, you can split vector objects, bitmap images, and text. Instead of joining objects together– to create the desired structure– you can pick a block and cut it into parts. This saves time, effort, and makes your work way more manageable. The knife tool also lets you add an overlap to an image or a block.

For instance, the image shown above is the logo of a sports team. To make the above image printable on a buttoned shirt, you must not only split it in two halves but also create an overlap, so the mid-section of the logo is visible when it is buttoned up. 

7) Font List Box

As I mentioned earlier in this post, CorelDRAW X8 comes with a new font manager. The font list box features let you choose the most suitable font easily and quickly. You can pick the font size and weight using the same interface. On top of that, finding a known font style is also easy. Simply type the keyword in the search box, and the program will display a dropdown list of all the relevant font styles.

8) Adjacent Node Selection

To change the shape of an object, you can set adjacent nodes on its periphery and drag the sections to reshape it. In the above image, the user has set a node on the curved segments of the object. By pulling the nodes and control handles downwards, the corners can be sharpened. You will need to experiment with this feature for a while to get a good grip on it. 

9) Drop Shadows 

One of the primary motives of this version of CorelDRAW is to help a graphic designer create more realistic looking images. Whether you work with a raster or a vector image, you can add features to make the image appear life-life. One of the ways to achieve this goal is by adding a drop shadow with Gaussian Blur Feathering. The Gaussian Blur Feathering adds a natural-looking featured texture to the shadow.

10) Real-Time Stylus (RTS)

As long as you have Windows 7 or a later version installed on your machine, you can use the Real-Time Stylus (RTS) interface provided by CorelDRAW X8 Portable. You can use an RTS-compatible pen tablet to create natural-looking artwork with this program. It is not possible to import artwork to the computer from a piece of paper. With an RTS-compatible pen tablet, you can use pressure and tilt– to add finesse to the artwork. 

Download CorelDRAW X8 Portable Technical Setup Details

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Free CorelDRAW X8 Portable Download System Requirements

Before you start the free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

Operating System: 

Memory (RAM): 1GB

Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.

CorelDRAW X8 Portable Download for Windows

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