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January 14, 2022

CSGO and the Rise of Rust Gambling: How to Pick the Right Site
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CSGO and the Rise of Rust Gambling: How to Pick the Right Site

CSGO has been a huge revolution in the world of eSports. Since its inception, it really did grow and become one of the most played games within the niche. For those that remain unaware of what CSGO is, it stands for Global-Strike Offensive. The game pits players against one another, in the form of teams. Within your team, you need to achieve the game objectives and modes, by utilising the multiple weaponry options that are available for in-game purchase. These weapons are labelled as skins, with some presenting themselves with different rarities, packages and of course prices. It is up to each player to decide the price they are willing to pay for their rust skins, however there is also the opportunity to gamble with them. 

Rust gambling is a fairly new concept that has been made available to the CSGO gambling community. While it is fairly new, its popularity is fairly large already and is growing super fast! Rust items gained from games like CSGO have become a currency and means of payment in themselves. Players can utilise their skins as means to topping up their gambling accounts that support Rust currency. Once your wallet is loaded, you will be able to interact and engage with games made available on Rust gambling sites, in a very similar manner like online casinos.

How to choose a rust gambling site?

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When it comes to selecting a rust gambling site to play at, you will need to take in account some various qualities that will allow you to really define if the rust gambling site is good or not. Many sites established today will be authentic and worth playing at. However there are some on the other hand, that can be fraudulent and can cause more harm than good. Below are some tips on ways of spotting the good sites from the bad sites.

Game variations

A rust gambling site should provide its playing community with multiples of options when it comes to gambling your rust skins. These games will come in a variety of choices, meaning you should be able to be a little picky on what you choose to play. The most common variations of games that come available (amongst others) are Jackpot, Coin Flip and Spin the Wheel. These are all usually a must to play. If a site falls short on these common choices, you know that they are falling below the standard of what is to be expected.

Promotions and Bonuses 

Next thing to consider is the bonuses and promotions that come with rust gambling sites. Multiple sites will always offer promotions such as free cases and other daily jackpots that you can play with on your rust gambling journey. Should a site not offer any opportunities for promotions, or even minor opportunities like raffles for their players, it may be worth giving that site a hard miss. The majority of sites use promotions to incentivise player traffic, meaning if a site does not use them, it may suggest it has a cash flow issue and is relatively immature to the market.  

Customer service 

Customer service is another huge factor to consider when selecting a site. Customer service from multiple angles is a sign that the site is supportive and aware of the playing community’s needs. Not all players come across issues during their gameplay, however it can be possible to happen sometimes. For that very reason, having aspects such as a live chat, responsive emails and a possible hotline service, can make the user experience much more enjoyable. 

Is rust gambling worth it?

Rust gambling is definitely something that is worth trying out if you are fully involved in the world of CSGO. Especially if you have some rust items that you have set aside and do not actively use, it could be a way of making some nice profitable returns to benefit your journey. However, being that it is gambling, it is very likely that you will lose your rust skins and there will be no way of retrieving them, so make sure to keep that in mind. Otherwise, enjoy and have fun!

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