Embracing Digital Transformation

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Much has been spoken of the digital age in recent years, but what does it mean? And what is going to drive this digital future?

We look at digital transformation below.

What is digital transformation?

In simple terms, digital transformation is the integration and assimilation of digital technology into every aspect of business, commercial operations and daily life. 

It is a fundamental shift in the way we conduct business operations and even simple daily tasks. 

Smart home technology such as Google home hub and Amazon Alexa, and artificial intelligence in business software are two examples of digital transformation in action. 

Why does digital transformation matter?

The world is moving towards a digital way of life. This digital age has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, boosting tech stocks, as more of us in wealthy western nations became even more reliant on digital technology. 

Digital transformation is important as it allows us to live and do business in nimble, agile ways that can quickly adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. 

An example of this is the rise in virtual and remote working from home that we have seen as people have increasingly worked from home. 

Where can we apply digital transformation?

Digital transformation can be applied in almost every aspect of our lives. Helping us to live seamlessly with and in harmony with digital technology. 

We are likely to see the digital transformation of our lives in an ever-increasingnumber of internet of things (IoT) devices. 

IoT devices include smart home security systems and wi-fi controlled thermostats. Simply, items that use the internet to work and communicate with other devices elsewhere in the world. 

How can we achieve digital transformation?

The first place to start on the journey of digital transformation is in our schools. Teaching young children to program devices, software and other digital technology will set them up to embrace and even spearhead innovation in the future. 

Microcomputers such as the micro:bit are a great tool for teaching children how technology is developed. Something they will increasingly need in a digital future. 

Digital transformation will require expertise and knowledge that may not currently be abundant. Offering training programs to current employees is also a good way to embrace digital and innovate within your business operation. 

The digital age is already here and gaining pace no end. Embrace digital technology and prepare, plan and execute your digital transformation.

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