Emerging Tech Trends of 2022

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Constantly evolving technological progress has been a hallmark of the 21st century so far, as our species continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Looking back at the countless examples of innovation paints an extraordinary picture. From the rapid development of smartphones to the boundless potential of the internet, these were just pipedreams in the 20th century.

And technological progress rarely slows. In fact, it’s now almost impossible to stop it. Forbes is a well-known platform anticipating tech trends everyone must be ready for, and its investigation on the subject is tremendously illuminating. If you thought things had changed drastically in the last few decades, just wait until you hear what’s around the corner. Stay with us as we take a look at some of the most important emerging tech trends of 2022.

Quantum Computing

Scientists and computer engineers have been obsessing over the concept of quantum computing for years, but they only recently started to make headway in reality. This technology has the capacity to change everything we currently know about computers, potentially boosting processing power into a realm that has not previously been seen.

While traditional computers use a binary system of bits, quantum computers can take advantage of the strange quantum laws that mean subatomic particles can exist as two things simultaneously. Consequently, processing power is boosted into the stratosphere. In the future, quantum computers will be used to solve problems that are too complex for traditional computers. This will, in turn, fuel further technological discovery.

Online Casino Gambling

Online casino gambling has been around for almost two decades, but the technology behind it is consistently evolving. For example, the live casino industry is growing at an exponential rate nowadays, fuelled by advances in live streaming and fast broadband. Online casino is also an emerging tech trend in 2022 due to the relaxation of online gambling laws in countries such as the US and Canada.

The industry is expanding at an unbelievable rate in these places, buoyed by millions of gamblers enjoying new technology like Big Time Gaming’s Megaways slots. For example, Guts Canada has an exceptional selection of next-gen slots for players to enjoy, alongside a live casino and an advanced online poker section.

More Developed AI

Artificial intelligence has been a tech buzzword for several decades. We have experienced varying degrees of AI in the past, but nothing on the level that popular sci-fi films like I, Robot or Ex Machina depict. Nevertheless, fully-fledged robots are likely to be the last kind of advanced AI we experience. First, more and more powerful AI will be used to automate simple jobs and provide more detailed data analysis.

We all know how coding data insights can advance your business, but imagine having a powerful AI module helping you gain an even deeper understanding of market data. One of the most exciting new tech trends of 2022, highly developed AI is likely to revolutionize how we advertise and market businesses. 

Spread of Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrencies seem to have hit something of a dead-end recently, with many experts anticipating the so-called “bubble” to explode very soon. Regardless of what transpires, blockchain technology is here to stay. IBM describes it as “a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network.” It will make things considerably more secure and transparent in the future.

Furthermore, blockchain technology enables decentralized structures that may help us move away from our current top-down society that allows for 1% of the global population to have as much wealth as the other 99%.

Green Energy

Green energy is undeniably a pressing matter in 2022 as the world continues to heat up. It’s also a potentially lucrative area, as properly realized renewable energy technology will command a huge price. As a result, the shift toward green energy is arguably going to be one of the biggest tech trends of 2022.

Building batteries with enough capacity to hold the energy created by things like solar panels and wind farms is a vital area that is ripe for evolution. Elsewhere, scientists are trying to make hydrogen-derived energy practical enough to roll out worldwide.

5G and Beyond

Society is still far from fully transitioning to 5G, yet people are already looking forward to the availability of 6G connectivity. Each step enables higher bandwidth and data rates, which consequently allows for all sorts of technological evolution, from entertainment to communications.

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