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August 2, 2017

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When you want to change any system settings in Windows 10, you have to go to control panel from Settings and then open the required settings. All the settings are divided into categories and then into sub categories in Control Panel. If you want to change display settings you have to go to Appearance settings in Control panel and to uninstall any program you have to go to Programs setting. But what if you get all the menus or categories on one screen. No need to go to different categories. All the work in a single click. This is the GOD Mode of Windows 10. GOD Mode contains all the settings in one place.


GOD Mode in Windows 10

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GOD Mode in Windows 10 is used to change any settings within a click. In Windows 10 GOD Mode, All the settings of Control panel are in a single folder. You can enter into the GOD Mode by creating a single folder on desktop and then change its name with certain code (Code for GOD Mode mentioned below).

How to activate GOD Mode in Windows 10

To Enable GOD mode in Windows 10 follow the steps mentioned below. This is not a big process and with few steps you will learn how to enable GOD Mode in Windows 10.

  1. On the main desktop of your laptop, create a new Folder.
    GOD Mode in Windows 10
  2. Rename the new Folder with this name {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
    GOD Mode in Windows 10
  3. After changing the name Hit Enter. The icon of the folder will be automatically changed to a similar look like icon of the control panel. The name of folder will automatically change to GOD Mode. If you want your name in place of GOD Mode then change the God Mode to any name in the code. Like in my case I have changed the name to PC River and code for this is {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
    GOD Mode in Windows 10
  4. Now double click the Folder. A window will open in front of you. Now select any settings you want to change.
    GOD Mode in Windows 10

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