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August 28, 2020

Work from home options
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With technological advancements and digitalism, the world has been to new heights for the last decade. The internet users in 2020 are around 3.6 billion. With this advancement, there came the social media platforms, which are go-to platforms for business promotions and personal connections. 

Facebook has ranked as the supreme-most social media platform as of July 2020, according to Statista. The active numbers of users on Facebook are 2.6 million as of now. 

Facebook has also been the platform that gives businesses the chance to improve their branding and marketing strategies and generate greater sales leads. Even if you are a newly emerged business, you must use Facebook marketing and other tools to take your startup to the whole new level

Insights Of Facebook’s New Work From Home Policy 

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Facebook, besides being the most commonly used social media platform with active users. It is also amongst some of the biggest companies in the world with a great number of employees.

According to Facebook, there are 52,550 full-time employees as of June 2020. 

Have a look into Facebook’s new policy announcement for its employees to work from home until 2021. 

The Announcement

The giant social media platform, ‘Facebook,’ said that the company’s workforce would be working from home until July 2021.

The official statement from the representative/spokesperson of Facebook was;

‘Based on guidance from health and government experts, as well as decisions drawn from our internal discussions about these matters, we are allowing employees to continue voluntarily working from home until July 2021.’

Thousands of companies are still on the look for a way to accommodate their workforces back to offices, but considering the health and safety concerns, they aren’t taking risks. 

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg also announced that 45,000 of their workforce could work completely from home for the next ten years. The announcement of this drastic change has shocked the world. 

The $1,000 Bonus To The Employees

Following the announcement, the spokesperson, ‘Nneka Norville’, made it clear that we are giving each employee an additional $1,000, which they can use for needs such as accessories.  

Although the employees have appreciated the additional amount of bonus, there are doubts concerning what possibly be happening with their job status. 

Nothing can be said or remarked at this point; we all have to wait and see what comes next as 2020 has been a year full of uncertainty. From new technological breakthroughs and work trends, everything has been unimaginable.      

Work From Home – A Possible Threat To Facebook’s Employees? 

Mark Zuckerberg is a warm-hearted person with great brilliance, and he always showed concern for its people. He clearly sees the benefits of sending people home, and after evaluating the situation, he jumped on the bandwagon and allowed almost all of its workforce to work from home.

Following Zuckerberg’s other statements, there was a statement that was missed by many. He said that all the employees have to tell their seniors, managers, or unit heads if they move to different locations.

What Zuckerberg said was if you move to low-cost cities or countries, you have to inform. After informing, the people may have their compensation adjusted based on the location they will be at that moment.  


He added that the management would adjust the salaries according to the employee’s current location. He finally warned that if anyone found hiding the realities, there would be severe ramifications for those who aren’t honest.

After this statement, Zuckerberg is now on the look and found searching for new talent across different states of the United States and in other countries also. 

The news has not been the one that the employees were hoping to hear. The CEO’s efforts to find the best and cheapest job seekers have put the employees into a vulnerable state. 

The rumors circulate the market that Facebook could also source new applicants who live in low-cost places in the world. These workers would expect lower salaries than the workers in the Head Quarter or other developed cities.

Why Has The Big Decision Been Made?

Facebook’s big decision to adopt this strategy and asking its massive number of workers to work from home for a year has heated the market. 

Although the clear insights as to what Facebook has actually planned is still to come. The company made the statements that this work from home trend is super beneficial mutually – for the business as well as for the employees.

The future is uncertain as many have predicted that there might be the second wave of Covid-19. With more than 50K employees in the offices, the health and safety concerns are sure to be prioritized.

Opening the offices and asking the workforce to come may make the situation vulnerable to the virus. So for everyone’s good, it would be best to initiate work from the home trend.

Mark Zuckerberg

The decision is not only for employees’ safety, but will also benefit the company in the longer run. The company will save a significant amount of money, as office expenses will automatically be lowered down. Zuckerberg says he is working from home too. 

It has also been under consideration that this new trend would benefit the employees by saving their time and money invested in the commute. This time can be saved and can be spent productively. Fewer commuters on the road will also have a positive effect on climate change.  

The big decision has also raised security concerns as most of the employees are working from home there would be an increased threat of security breaches.

Is Facebook Copying Its Competitors?

There have been several claims that Facebook is copying its competitors in decision making and trend implementations. But Facebook is smart and talented with billions of visitors and millions of active users because of different Facebook usages, e.g., for connectivity with Facebook Messenger, etc. 

It was earlier announced by Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that they have to adopt work from the home trend for their companies for the current year. Google also announced to give $1,000 to each of its employees for maintaining home office needs.  


It can be said that Facebook might copy the decisions made by other giants, but the fact is that safety and health concerns are important.  

Although Facebook can be placed in the category of copying its competitors, you can get authentic and non-plagiarized coursework help from the best platforms online. 

Wrapping it up!

Being the biggest and most famous social media platform, Facebook gets all the public attention when it comes to policymaking. The decision for a year’s work from home was made after viewing different conditions.

Getting on to the positive side, employees could use this trend to live a healthier life. All the stress related to office life and commute can be lowered with this new implementation. Employees could focus more on their mental and emotional health. If you are need of support for your mental health, try online therapy with BetterHelp.

Furthermore, people’s well-being can also be achieved with this policy. Better efficiency can be achieved with Facebook’s new trend of work from home until 2021. Let’s hope that this new trend unfolds a better future.  

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