Facts to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Laravel Developer

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Web app development has become significant in popularizing and growing a business online. And a commonly chosen language that’s used for the web development process is PHP. It is considered the most useful and updated framework that can easily combine the programming syntax and code. 

Laravel is a PHP framework that stands out from the rest regarding performance, scalability, and features. It’s the most used PHP framework as it can streamline day-to-day tasks like caching, routing, etc. Laravel helps web developers in designing web apps with ease. 

However, to make the most of the Laravel framework, it is imperative to hire Laravel developers who specialize in all web development aspects, like web designing, database management, network security, etc. But, hiring the correct professional isn’t so easy.

Hence, if you are in search of a competent and efficient Laravel developer, here are a few important facts to keep in mind before hiring:


Checking the portfolio or past experience is a fundamental thing that shouldn’t be avoided while hiring a Laravel developer. It should be the first detail that you ask for. Having a look at the developer’s portfolio will explain several things about their performance capabilities.

While going through the portfolio, you will also be able to get an idea of the web development skill that the developer has. Plus, it can further help you evaluate the developer’s work quality and other skills. 

Try and choose developers who have ample experience and skills as they can provide the best practices and benefits while designing your website or app. 

Industry Experience

The data on the website or app will represent your business’s vision and scope and eventually play a major role in its success. This is why hiring a Laravel developer with ample experience in your respective industry or sector is important. That will ensure that the app or website developed is high-quality and feature-rich. 

Technical Knowledge and Skill

The major responsibility of Laravel developers includes creating a new website/app or updating existing ones. To do so, the developer needs strong technical skills and experience. Hence, when hiringLaravel developers, recruiting someone efficient in writing scalable, testable, and clean code is important. 

A skilled Laravel developer should have good knowledge of PHP as well as other technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. During the interview, you can test the developer’s technical knowledge by asking a few technical questions related to frameworks such as Scrum, Agile, etc. 

Good knowledge of concepts like OOP, APIs, etc., is also important. Plus, the skill to leverage server and cloud management software will be extremely advantageous for the candidate’s success. 

Work Ethics

This is a significant aspect that most people overlook while hiring a Laravel developer. To learn about the developer’s worth ethics, you can connect with their past clients or recruit them per retainer. Doing so will give you a better insight into the developer’s professionalism, experience, and skills. 

Besides checking the developer’s coding skills, remember to also look at their communication skills, teamwork skills, database management skills, and the ability to meet deadlines.

Cost Estimation

To make the project successful, you need resources that don’t come free and require money. For this reason, you should plan a budget while keeping the product quality and expenditure in mind. You can make a budget by dividing your project’s scope into parts to forecast the price, cost, and quantity of all the resources needed to finish the project properly. 

Once this is done, you should hire skilled Laravel developers who charge cost-effective rates. A proper roadmap on the cost will help you save on unexpected expenses down the line. Besides, it’s best to communicate the requirements and details of your project with the developer during the hiring process. 

Providing this info will help the developer to quote an appropriate cost. And if things work out for you and the developer, you can start work on the project instantly, without any delays.

One-on-One Interview

A personal or one-on-one interview is vital while choosing the correct Laravel developer for your project. It aids in filling the space between the interviewer and interviewee and helps you assess the developer’s potential. You will also get a better idea of the candidate’s confidence, technical skills, communication, and other skills.  

Therefore, you should always interview the applicants to ensure that you hire a proficient developer who can meet your expectations. 

Ability to Fix Complex Issues

A competent Laravel developer will know how to use programming languages, libraries, and frameworks as a tool to fix complex issues using suitable solutions. They work with the cross-functional team members and hold discussions with the stakeholders to gather necessary information. 

The developers then analyze this information and translate them into required technical specifications. Hence, it would be best to analyze the potential applicants properly before hiring a Laravel developer for your team. 

Customer-Centric Approach

An experienced Laravel developer should have the skillset to create an app or website that matches your business expectations and needs. For this reason, ensuring that the candidate understands your business’s needs and demands is vital. 

The developer needs to be flexible and adapt to changes quickly to stay updated with the recent technological advancements. 

Test Project

To ensure that you hire the best Laravel developer for your project, you can assign a test or trial project to the professional. A test project is significant regardless of what impression the candidate creates on you during the interview.

It would be great if you give about a week to complete the test assignment as that will help test the candidate’s abilities and skills fairly, without any bias or confusion.

Wrapping Up

There are numerous potential mobile apps and websites built with Laravel. Hiring a Laravel developer needs time, effort, and resources. You’ll have to sift through several resumes and line up numerous interviews to find the right professional.  However, eventually what matters is that you hire Laravel developers who are experienced and skilled enough to make your project stand out and be successful. Consider the above-listed factors while looking for Laravel developers who can deliver the best services in designing various apps and websites.